No access to addresses generated by Phantom (funds stuck on BSC)

Last year I setup a new Ledger device – I think I did it directly on phantom instead o Ledger Live, can't remember as it was a year ago.

The Phantom App generated for me a group one account with grouped addresses SOL + ETH + POLYGON. According to this article on Phantom's website, the derivation path used was the following:

So under the same Account on Phantom, I have a Solana address and a Ethereum/Polygon address.

For all this time I've been using the SOL and ETH and POLYGON accounts within Phantom with no problems whatsoever.

Now the tricky part: I can't get any wallet app to derive those EVM addresses from my Ledger device in order to access them outside of Phantom. So far I tried Ledge Live, Metamask (with all 3 HD path options) and Trust Wallet. This is a problem because I sent funds to that EVM address on the BSC chain, a network not supported by Phantom. At the time I just assumed since the address is the same on all EVM chains and that all accounts were derived from the same seedphrase, I would be able to easily access the addresses on all EVM chains whenever I conected the device to Ledger Live, but it was not the case.

Every wallet app I tried – both using the Connect Ledger function and by manually inserting the seedphrse – never generates the EVM addresses originaly derived by Phantom, so I am locked out of the funds being held in the BSC account.

Using Phantom, I already moved everything I held on Solana, Ethereum and Polygon to a new wallets with new safely generated accounts inside Ledger Live itself, since so not to worry about the seed being compromised.
But I need to get my hands on the funds sitting on the BSC addy generated by Phantom. Any help would be very much appreciated, I 've spent a few hours trying this and no success and the value in question is worth the trouble.

Thanks in advance.

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  2. Try.looking for the derivation path of your BSC address with the ian coleman tool (use the offline version on an airgapped machine, preferably running on an amnesiac system like Tails). Use the bit32 tab of thebian coleman tool.





    If you find your address, get the private key displayed by the ian coleman tool, and import the account in MetaMask , ising that private key.

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