NFT trader accidentally bids 100 eth on a freely minted NFT

E-currency exchange

OpenSea has lauched OpenSea Pro and as a thank you some users are receiving free nfts.

These NFTs are free to mint and are currently selling for about 0.06 eth ($118.00 ) so of course people are putting up offers and trying to trade them.

Unfortunately for one Trader is seems he fat fingered the amount and accidentally put an offer for100 eth.

you can see the transaction here

and I know what you guys are thinking it was a wash trade but this was an open offer that could have been accepted by anybody, so it would be a pretty big risk hoping you were faster than anybody else looking at the offers at that moment.

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50 thoughts on “NFT trader accidentally bids 100 eth on a freely minted NFT”

  1. You don’t see this everyday… i hope the seller returns at least some of the Ethereum.

  2. That’s a fun ethical question.

    If you’re the seller, how much of the 100 ETH do you return?

    I probably offer to give him back 95. If he bitches, I keep it all.

  3. He is not a “pro” after all.

    Either that or it’s some weird farming technique.

  4. Yeah, I’m pretty sure Crypto will replace traditional money any day now…



  5. To be honest I would probably return ETH minus 5-10%

    Both parties satisfied and can sleep well at night

  6. Something a member of r/cc would do, fess up which one of you was it?

    I’d feel bad for the guy though if it was me and offer it them back

  7. I’m going to say this was a philanthropic donation. Probably invested in Eth very early and just wanted to share the wealth. 😝

  8. This thing feels at some points terrible.

    I tried it half of the day and a lot of errors happend.
    Some failed transactions and I managed to buy the wrong NFT – a lot of transactions made it hard to use it, at some point the “buy now” button just speeds away under your curser.

  9. Damn, I was hoping this was a free Reddit avatar. Can never have enough gen 3 exposure

  10. gif

    That buyer looking at his hot wallet wondering where 190K worth of ETH just went…

  11. Wow, talk about a rookie mistake! That NFT trader just threw away a fortune. Reminds me of the time I accidentally deleted my entire hard drive.

  12. I read the title of the article and went straight to check my wallet, sadly no accidental money there 🙁

  13. Option 1. Return all the eth
    Option 2. Return most but keep some
    Option 3. Shut down your opensea account, transfer it out of your hot wallet through a series of intermediary wallets and pretend like you don’t exist.

    I’m thinking I do #2….but sitting here trying to figure out the most foolproof way of doing #3 lol

  14. Wow, talk about a rookie mistake! Maybe this trader should stick to buying NFTs instead of bidding on them.

  15. Holy crap I think I’d just retire from crypto forever if that sort of luck happened for me

  16. I probably would’ve not checked my opensea, forgot, and missed out on 100eth

  17. This guy has got to be either moving money between accounts, paying the other for something else entirely, or laundering money

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