NEXA AMA, August 29th, 7 PM UTC / 3PM EST

Hello CC Community,

I'm delighted to be here. Allow me to introduce myself briefly: I am Martin, the Marketing Director at NEXA.

Excited to announce our upcoming AMA, which is scheduled for Tuesday, August 29th, from 7 PM UTC / 3 PM EST. Both Andrew Stone and Paul Church will be present to answer all your questions.

In a nutshell, Nexa aims to create a digital economy that is inclusive for all by solving the blockchain trilemma. We achieve security through advanced cryptographic techniques such as key cryptography, digital signatures, and hashing. Nexa operates as a Layer-1 Proof of Work blockchain capable of scaling up to 100,000 TPS through hardware accelerated signature verification and UTXO look-ups.

Nexa is entirely permissionless, thanks to a distributed network of nodes that operate independently. We have had a completely fair launch, without any VC funding or ICO/presales, while maintaining full transparency and an open-source approach.

Here are a few standout utilities:

– Scalability up to 100k TPS

– Native Tokens & NFTs

– Ultra-scalable EVM-like programmable Smart Contracts

– Instant Transaction Service

And much more.

To get the best of both yours and our time, we plan to conduct several AMAs on the CryptoCurrency subreddit.

In the first AMA, we aim to introduce Nexa as a project in general. The second AMA will focus on our revolutionary approach to scaling a PoW blockchain by incentivizing hardware. Lastly, we will have another AMA specifically focused on utilities, such as Tokens and Smart Contracts.

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36 thoughts on “NEXA AMA, August 29th, 7 PM UTC / 3PM EST”

  1. Why did you go with 21000B as max supply for the Nexa Token? It just seems unnecessary.

  2. Hello Nexa 🙂


    > Bitcoin Unlimited’s software has been the backbone of Bitcoin (BTC) and then Bitcoin Cash (BCH), enabling billions of dollars in mining and economic infrastructure to operate successfully for years.

    Care to explain ? Do you have Satoshi ?

  3. Nexa claims to have resolved the trilemma. Do you think this will be finalized with the completion of 100,000 TPS tests? Thank you!

    And i love Andrew Stone and Paul 🙏

  4. What makes you stand out to most of the popular chains like algo, dot etc?

    Ps: sounds like an interesting project though, might just dip my toes in it.

  5. 1.) Are you considering working with UI/UX developers?

    2.) Will you continue to use old forks without making any design changes?

    So, the issue here is that;

    BTC Core Wallet – Nexa Core Wallet

    BTC RPC Explorer – Nexa Explorer

    I don’t see a problem with using forks, but why don’t we have unique interface designs for Nexa? The main reason for my first question is exactly this. I’m sure you are great developers, but I think you are falling behind in terms of design.

  6. Why such a high number as 100k TPS?

    Visa does 1,700 TPS.

    Are you afraid of an attack and with such a high number of TPS it will be almost impossible to bring down the network?

  7. If I understand correctly, the team behind NEXA is Bitcoin Unlimited. BU worked on both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, how this experience now carries over NEXA?

    What are the main takeaways from your past work experience? (when it comes to launch a successful blockchain)

    What does NEXA solve better than Bitcoin Cash?

    Sorry for the multiple questions but NEXA catched my attention a few weeks ago alongside other PoWs!

  8. How does Nexa ensure the security and integrity of transactions while operating at such high speeds?

  9. I noticed you mentioned you’re a fair launch project. As a L1 in a very competitive landscape how do you plan on onboarding builders (both crypto centric and main stream) given that the competition can have hundreds of millions in grant funding available to build?


  10. Many new projects have been claiming their ability of solving the trilemma.

    What are current NEXA performances? Has the testnet showed promising results?

    Also, what does set NEXA apart other chains from builders’ point of view? Onboarding builders and entrepreneurs is a challenge in itself, how will NEXA overcome this burden?

  11. I checked that NEXA has a max supply of 21 Trillion, with about 3,5 Trillion currently in circulation. You mentioned POW issuance. Would you please elaborate on the tokenomics of your coin & how quickly the remaining supply will reach circulation? Thank you.

  12. Thank you for burning the moons for this AMA. I will be following with interest on 29th.

  13. Sounds like an awesome project by Bitcoin Unlimited. Can you elaborate on the tokenize app that is soon to be released? What is it going to be capable of and how can it be attractive to devs?

  14. Been holding this for a while. Really happy to see the team doing an AMA here.

    I see some folks asking about the supply. It has the same number of total units (sats) as Bitcoin though, the decimal point is just moved to the right. It makes a lot of sense to only have two decimal places for something meant to be a currency IMO. Which is the reason they did it.

    It is indeed fair launch which is a giant plus. No VC or ICO nonsense.

  15. What is the future plans for Nexa? Is there any solid reasons to continue mining and holding nexa? What part of this project should interest me and create belief in project as an investor while we see a new all time low everyday?

  16. Hi, Andrew and Paul. Will you please explain a little about how long you have been working on the ideas that you hope to implement with NEXA and the level of backing/support that you needed to garner for your ideas to get the go-ahead from Bitcoin Unlimited?

    It would be really helpful for spreading the word if Nexa is something that has been building for X period of time before the genesis block and needed to demonstrate proof of concept at a minimum to receive the full support, backing, and funding of Bitcoin Unlimited. For example, I recently found a YouTube video featuring Paul and Andrea Suisani going back to 2019 talking about what appears to be the seeds of Nexa. Similarly, I found an article by Peter Rizun from several years ago talking about hardware scaling likewise similar to what is being implemented by Nexa. Lastly, I heard an AMA with Andrew Clifford talking about BU having at least 10 years’ worth of funding to dedicate to Nexa. Talking about these major supports front/center, especially in places like Twitter where people have a 10-second attention span could be a big boost in attracting a bigger community.


  17. Nexa has burned 300 moons as sponsorship for this AMA. The burn can be confirmed here:

  18. Great looking banner ! 🙂

    Question about the scalability – how close have you or anyone gotten to testing that 100K TPS and what is the time for finality ?


  19. Nexa seems like an advanced offshoot of Bitcoin. Can something like a Bitcoin Virtual Machine be built on Nexa like another chain is claiming they can almost do now?

  20. Hi guys, please talk a bit about about NexScript versus EVM/Solidity in terms of security and performance for smart contracts.

    Looking forward to the AMA!

  21. Hi Martin! As crypto is ever growing into a bigger and bigger community and more into society, could you describe why the everyday crypto user should go to your company and use your platform and why should they?

  22. I finally feel early to something. I’m excited to follow this AMA. I’ve been as supportive as I can of the concept of Nexa without breaking the rules of the sub. I’d like a little clarity on the long term vision for Nexa and why should I continue to run a node and hold the coins I mine?

  23. I’ve taken the time to read about Nexa on your website, and while I am already not interested the second I heard it’s a bitcoin fork, I would have some questions for you.

    1. You mention using Graphene to solve the orphan problem. However, Graphene’s adoption by projects like BitShares, Steemit, and EOS, which were notable in 2018, hasn’t seen widespread use since then. Its mechanism of relying on mempools reflecting the same data post-propagation to confirm a transaction seems to circumvent the conventional confirmation process used by serious blockchains. How does Nexa ensure the security and reliability of transactions with this approach?

    2. On the storage front, it’s mentioned that miners will only store the UTXO set and not the full blockchain. Doesn’t this simply shift the storage responsibility elsewhere, potentially leading to further centralization, as non-miner entities will have to store the entire chain?

    3. Regarding the validation problem and signature verification, the explanation seemed to just detail what an ASIC is. Can you elucidate how this is a novel solution related to scaling transactions, especially since ASICs have been around for a while?

  24. Does Nexa want to attract newcomers to the cyrpto space? If so, what can/will Nexa do to get people up to speed on crypto and what you bring to the table?

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