New node up and running!

Not long ago I posted on here that I finally run my own node on Windows 10. There was a lot of comments suggesting Linux and umbrel.

After a few hours of research, here's what I did in case somebody wants to do the same.

  1. Got a used mini PC from eBay for £70

  2. Flashed ubuntu server 22.04.2 LTD onto us stick with Belena Etcher

  3. Installed ubuntu os on my new used mini pc (couldn't be simpler and I never touched Linux before)

  4. Downloaded and installed umbrel from terminal (command to this on umbrel's website)

  5. Synchronised blockchain within 24 hours (it was much quicker than synching on windows)

  6. Opened 8333 port on my router to accept incoming connections to my node

  7. Edited bitcoin config file to accept max 30 connections at a time and upload 5gb a day

  8. Restarted the node and it's now been up for 2 hours!

The total time spent on making this happen is roughly 3 hours with no prior Linux knowledge (minus the chain download).

I'm loving the fact I can troubleshoot my bone server through ssh from the laptop and see what's up with the node either from there or umbrel.local even on my phone.

Next project: just bought Antminer S9 from eBay. So happy! :).

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2 thoughts on “New node up and running!”

  1. Awesome! Keep us posted on the node and how the Antminer works out as well.

  2. This is great! I think that’s a record setting setup, mine took a couple days to sync. Let us know how the antminer does! I imagine it’s too competitive for me but I hope it fulfills what you need it to do.

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