New hackaton coming

Alephium #1 Hackathon — Pioneers!

TL;DR — The Alephium hackathon will take place from 12th to 26th February 2024. With a prize pool of up to $50,000 in ALPH tokens, sponsored by Alephium, the Blockflow Alliance DAO, and Cetacean Capital. It will reward teams building across 3 main categories (dApps, tooling & interoperability) as well as offering bounties for solo hackers!

When & where?

The hackathon will happen exclusively online, from February 12th to 26th. The main communication hub for the hackathon will be our discord.Until we release the hackathon channels, join the developer channel!

Applications are open: apply here now!

Participating projects can subsequently apply to Alephium’s grant program.

Cetacean Capital is also interested to support participating projects as the DAO “is dedicated to supporting standout projects that align with their criteria in the upcoming Hackathon, providing investment/seed funding ranging from $50.000 to $1.000.000.

The Blockflow DAO also expressed interest in helping quality projects develop further after the hackathon.

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  1. Super exciting! Alephium is such an innovative project, that fixes many things in DeFi. Can’t wait to see what gets built during the Hackathon!

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