New Blockstream Jade ordered directly from Manufacturer arrived open 🤔

New Jade ordered directly from Blockstream arrived open/tampered with. Is it OK to use it or I'm risking my crypto?

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  1. sus

    >Is it OK to use it or I’m risking my crypto?

    I certainly would NOT. also notify postal company, and possibly police – as that could be some gang backdooring stuff (or just trying to steal content?)

    sometimes cross-border agencies do that, if it applies

  2. Contact them, this is pretty much exactly why they have that seal, so that you know you can trust the product inside. No seal and you are gambling.

  3. If it arrived ripped that like, please reach out to our support and we’ll get you a new one. In our experience, we’ve found customs likes to open them sometimes too 🙂

  4. NO!

    contact blockstream support.

    Notify police and post office of someone opening your product.

    I repeat. Do not use it. Even if it was a customs agent opening the box just to confirm it was indeed the product, do you really want to gamble that?

    Personally I would not use that.

  5. Even if the seal is perfect, how can you be sure your device hasn’t been tampered with?

  6. This is a common issue with Jade’s. It’s normal but you can reach out to their customer support if you want. Sometimes, depending on where you are located, Customs will open the box to take a peek.

  7. Isn’t this a great opportunity to investigate whether the wallet was tampered with and how.

    A sophisticated attacker would have gone through the effort to restore the seal after compromising the device but if this is not the case, it would be great to know more about the state of this jade.

  8. Do NOT use that if it arrived open. The ENTIRE PURPOSE of that seal is to prove the wallet is new and not tampered with. Please just contact the company that sells it and ask for either a refund or a new wallet to be sent in exchange for returning this one that is possibly tampered with.

  9. I’d open it and load like $10 of Bitcoin onto it and watch that address to see if it disappears (Before returning it)

  10. I’m not familiar with Jade but can you not run attestations on the firmware? Isn’t that the point of a hw wallet (and open source hw)?

    (Having said this, I’d have returned it as well…)

  11. Are ‘your’ seed words written down somewhere in the box by any chance?

  12. How does this happen? Mine looked perfect. Are you ordering from overseas or something?

  13. I think it’s important to mention to which country you ordered it to in your post. I’m aware there are countries that do this in the customs office. Not because it’s a ledger but because they’re checking for something illegal.

  14. Send it back my friend. It’s too bad. I like my jade a lot. It’s a great wallet.

  15. They made sure to get a copy of those serial numbers. I wouldn’t trust it. Get another one

  16. It seems VERY obvious not to trust it especially when the company tells you not to trust a broken seal.


  17. Curious what could happen. How could the device be compromised? Is it something that could be checked for?

  18. I had a Trezor arrive that way. It said opened by customs. I plugged it into a non crypto friend’s computer just for the heck of it and it did not go through the usual pick a seed phrase etc. & it had obviously been tampered with.

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