Nettensor; A Step At Blending AI and Blockchain Technology.

The growth of AI in the crypto space is amazing, there is always a new use case it brings forth. I have taken a considerable amount of time to study some of these AI projects and look at novel and worthwhile utility.

Nettensor seems to be the project that ranks on my radar, it is an AI infrastructure that leverages on hardware technology to build fast and powerful products. Through the instrument of the Bittensor Substrate, it seamlessly enhances smart contract capabilities.

The core of the project is relatively simple, it seeks to elevate and create a fine blend between AI and blockchain technology. As a modular framework, it looks to enhance scalability while using the security and agility of layer 1s.

Interestingly, Nettensor serves as a bridge that interconnects and unifies blockchain networks. Both L1 and L2 communicate seamlessly. To add up,the network supports and powers lightning fast transactions, finalising them fastly. The network boasts 10,000 TPS.

The project’s native token; $NAO recently listed on bitget with good opportunities to earn from. The PoolX framework tagged along its listing even lets users earn by staking BGB and USDT to mine $NAO. Apart from earning by simply investing, this seems like a good opportunity to earn off of as well.

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  1. While these advancements are impressive, they don’t necessarily equate to the innovation stemming from the posemesh in their utilization of AI and blockchain.

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