Netflix should make a tv show about Satoshi Nakamoto

Mark Zuckerberg became a household name after The Social Network. If he can get a movie then so should Satoshi Nakamoto.

I have been following this book for a while. I think it would be a perfect thrilling story for a movie about Nakamoto. I loved how the author has combined known facts about Satoshi with fiction to create a Dan Brown-esque story.

25 thoughts on “Netflix should make a tv show about Satoshi Nakamoto”

  1. Netflix will make Satoshi Nakamoto Queer half black half vietnamese gay trans female with disability and fat.

  2. Satoshi is a libertarian icon, individual freedoms, wealth protection from the state and free market Capitalism, prosperity etc. Netflix is all about corporatism and clueless millenial socialism. I doubt this will happen.

  3. It already exists and was published on a better media than Netflix #arte :

  4. There needs to be a series about the Silk Road, that’d be much more interesting

  5. No. No, they shouldn’t. And we need to stop this fixation in the bitcoin community with de-anonymizing him. It is crucial to Bitcoin that Satoshi stays anonymous and forgotten about.

  6. So Zuckerberg became a household name after “The social network” and not after literally creating Facebook? I gues i didn’t read the memo then…

  7. How or why? We don’t know much about him. Is it worth spreading rumors? What is thrilling about it?

  8. The general population would give it as much attention as they give BTC now. Maybe in a few years…

  9. Bad idea.

    The actual Satoshi left to remain -hopefully- forever anonymous and the history of research and trials that led to Bitcoin are well documented.

    I don’t want to see another wave of Faketoshis and scammers coming in the Space.

  10. You mean Hal Finney, right? The linked story you provided is completely made up, could not read beyond the first page…

  11. That would be like asking them to stream “Sound of Freedom” which they refused.

    those same pedophiles would shut down a true Bitcoin script.

  12. Please god no. Those ideologically motivated writers would fuck it up so bad.

  13. The satoshi movie should be distributed production open source. Trusting a corporation to write it fairly would be opposite to the blockchain spirit.

  14. I’m not against this idea but with Satoshi being so secretive and bitcoin still being young… this is a HARD NO (at this point in time) from me.

    If they did some type of Satoshi fiction… that would make bitcoin look bad in my opinion. One of the many things that makes bitcoin special is that we don’t know who he/she/they were. They dropped bitcoin on humanity and left.

    It’s too early… Satoshi doesn’t need a face in some random show. Maybe in 50-100 years as long as bitcoin continues to suck up energy and wealth. With where we are in adoption… putting a face of any kind to Satoshi would be a bad idea unless it was actually Satoshi.

    That’s not even mentioning who is going to even care about a show like that on one of the mainstream streamers? Bitcoiners might watch it from the viewpoint that it’s a fictional story but people that have rolled their eyes for years are just going to see that and roll their eyes some more.

  15. They would probably cast Morgan Freeman or some non binary asexual person to play the character

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