Need Advice on Transferring Money Back to CoinBase

Originally, I loaded $250 in USDC into my coinbase wallet . I then decided to try to buy a coin, but it wasn't offered through them, so I tried to transfer the tokens to Phantom. I “lost” my tokens in the process, but it turns out that they were on the Base network instead of the ETH network that's supported by the platform.

honestly, I'm just trying to buy a meme coin and now i'm stuck in this situation where I “don't have enough ETH in my account to pay for the fee.” So I'll accept help in any way, just whatever is the easiest route. Either to have my money back in cash or into $boden lol. Any ideas??

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  1. Buy Eth via metamask to pay your gas fees. If the USDC you own is on Base, the gas fees are going to be a lot lower than they would be on L1.

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