NAVI becomes the first Native One-Stop Liquidity Protocol on Sui

The best way to earn passive income from your cryptocurrency is either lending or staking it for a certain period. Users always prefer to trade and amplify their portfolio with those earnings but it's always not going as we want sometimes trading is a bit risky, especially in the bear market and probably it went south for this specific time duration and required a pause. Henceforth staking or lending your stable coins or cryptos for that specific period can encompass your portfolio strongly.

Here come up with a resolution but it's often challenging to find a trusted and authentic platform prudently. It requires immense practice and DYOR to pursue a substantial platform for the purpose. Lately, I have encountered a newly launched platform NAVX seems trustworthy and it got my attention due to its conceptual facts resulting in it having confirmed Bitget listing last week. With its vast range of features and services being offered by them, I'm here only introducing some of its attractive features through this article that catches my attention.

Navi is a decentralized liquidity protocol, offering lending and borrowing to a vast range of users flawlessly without the interference of any other third party or any intermediaries, making it possible with a shared liquidity pool system. Project Navi is generating its revenue mainly from the below-shortlisted process:- Staking, Governance, Fee Collection and Distribution and lastly Fee Discounts. One of its key earning methods that's governance system will allow Navi token holders to vote on proposals and changes to the protocol, these changes include setting interest rates, adding new assets to the protocol, and changing the collateralization ratio.

Navi becomes the first Native One-Stop Liquidity Protocol on Sui. With its liquidity protocol offering it enables users to participate as liquidity providers or borrowers within the Sui Ecosystem. As the liquidity providers supply assets to the market, earning passive income through yields, while borrowers have the flexibility to obtain loans for different assets. This way it's generating two ways of revenue both from lenders as well as borrowers.

As it has a broadly minded vision to run in the long term and I was able to be specific on only those nominal features that I was able to find out of it so let's have a look for the more info section or white paper of this project to know more about the project meanwhile I'm eager to see your findings in this regard and let us know what were your findings.

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