Nano X nft transfer issue

I’ve been having issues with my Nano X, I try sending certain nfts to another wallet and it gives me messages like “operation denied on device” , even though it didn’t even give me a chance to accept or deny the transaction on my ledger.

1 thought on “Nano X nft transfer issue”

  1. You have the ETH application open on your physical Ledger device when you’re trying this, correct? You’ll want to make sure it’s open on the Ledger (and that the ETH app version is fully updated via the “my Ledger” tab in Ledger Live).

    If you have any other web3 applications, extensions, wallets, or software open – these may be interfering for connection over your Ledger, so you’ll ideally want everything other than Ledger Live closed – if you’re performing this NFT send through Ledger Live.

    Another ideal workaround would be trying the transaction using your Ledger connected to a 3rd party wallet (for example MetaMask) and seeing if the same error persists.

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