My TREZOR packaging is not the same as the “current” one on the website

Picture of my TREZOR package vs what is shown on the official website as their “current” packaging

This is the link and if you scroll down, you will see the same image and below it says “Current packaging of TREZOR One”. And mine is clearly different.

TREZOR One: Tamper-evident Packaging

I ordered my TREZOR from, which is an official reseller. And yes, I know we should order from official website, but that would be harder for me because of where I live (and it is not spain).

The 3 following links are where I went through until checking out my order.

  1. checked the resellers on official website
  2. clicked on
  3. scrolled down until i found model one and clicked “add to basket”

I haven't plugged or set up the device yet. I unboxed it just a few days ago, the transparent plastic film was intact, the seals were intact, and the package was glued shut.

And I actually recorded myself checking the seals and opening the package.

dropbox link of part 1

dropbox link of part 2

As an overthinker, I need some peace of mind before actually doing anything. It's my first time owning a HW and it is my first time working towards getting custody of my own coins. I am poor and it would upset even losing 50€, so I really gotta make sure I'm doing this right.

If this is somehow a fake package, I will ask if they can refund me, send it back and will work a way to order from the official website.

Any help is appreciated, thank you

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  2. Was the USB port on the device itself taped over with a tamper proof holographic film?

  3. I think the link you shared shows old models only (2018 vs 2021). Check:

  4. I brought model one from Trezor it did have a seal over the USB port from the official website

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