My trezor is fake?

Just got my trezor today, bought from a authorized reseler, and The packaging was perfect. But The adeshive that cover The trezor was all black, and not transparent. I had already seen many unboxing videos on YT, and that adeshive was transparent in all off then. Maybe is my trezor one a coniterfeit?

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  2. So your on this sub now complaining about a potentially fake trezor and you didn’t know you should’ve bought from only the trezor website?

    Yes, it’s a fake and if you plug it in everything you own will get a virus including your mom and dads cell phone. Is that the answer you want?

  3. Did it have holographic sticker over usb port? Also there is authentication guide on Trezor website.

  4. How much money are you saving by not just buying one directly from Trezor? Is it enough to lose this peace of mind?

  5. This looks like it’s been bought off second-hand or a reseller. You should definitely return it and buy one either directly from Trezor or an authorized store in your location.

  6. Who is the “authorized reseller”?

    How do you know they are an authorized reseller?

  7. The black adhesive sticker on the front face is fine. I got the same for the one I ordered. Nothing to panic about.

  8. The black stick on the face cover is fine I bought one week ago and the same
    But the package can’t open like that the official trezor cartoon is so strong need shredding the package to open it it can’t open like that the official trezor seller package different you have to make sure , if it take open the trezor cover and see the board do it

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