My Safe 3 just arrived, the box looks broken. Should I be worried?

Ordered Safe 3 from Amazon, this is how the box looks. Seems like it got squeezed during shipment. Should I return it back or it isn’t something to be worried about?

39 thoughts on “My Safe 3 just arrived, the box looks broken. Should I be worried?”

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  2. Even if it looks safe I’d send that shit back. Why risk it at all? Also that is not okay to receive an item in that condition

  3. Why would you risk your cryptos? The purpose of buying the wallet was to keep cryptos safe in the first place. If it was me, I would return it. just my 2 satoshis

  4. The point of a Trezor is to have peace of mind with your crypto locked away. This will bother you. It would bother me.

  5. It’s better to order directly from the Trezor website than 3rd parties

  6. Can some one explain why one of these is “more safe” then an encrypted usb flash drive ?

  7. I read about a LONG-CON in the Trezor forum where the hacker waited 5 years before cleaning out a tampered Trezor 1. Get a full refund and buy from instead.

  8. Not even a question. Return it. And get a replacement. If u didnt use their website directly to purchase then return and repurchase from trezor directly

  9. Don’t risk it.

    If you want to risk it anyway, put in a fraction of what you have and leave it for a few years. See what happens, just for giggles

  10. Regardless what they claim, Amazon will always sell returns as new. They did this all the time with my products. Then they would blame me when items were missing or different than they are supposed to be. Return it if there is any doubt.

  11. Is your crypto codes stored on the cloud? Exchanges, servers, clouds, markets are secure via third party

  12. Can you create one, wipe it clean, create another one, wipe it clean, and create another seed and use this third one to store coins?

  13. How many times did we see “my crypto was stolen, idk how, I only stored seed on paper.” Well where’d you buy it? “Amazon but… but… it was legit.”

  14. Do not buy from Amazon. Buy directly from Trezor . Only way you can guarantee no tampering

  15. Always order directly from the company.. Amazon workers are catching on to stuff and massive moves are always in the works!

  16. Id send it back, Also, I know that Amazon is a reputable source for Trezor, but I wouldn’t buy one unless it was directly from their Trezor website.

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