My moon bag for the next bull run

These are my bags for the next bull run. I already made over 10X, so I am convinced it will pump really hard. Some are based on utility, while others are just based on community hype.

First on my list is Floki. Yeah,  it’s a meme, but the community is really strong, and they are doing a lot of charity programs in Africa, which means they have good VC backing. I think it might flip Shiba, and it's just about 2B MC.

The second is QANX; it’s a possible 100X; this one has utility; and its blockchain just got adopted by a country in the EU, which I believe is a huge buy signal. Now that a country has started using blockchain because of its security, I believe banks might get in too soon, and you know what they say: follow where the money goes.

The last, but not least, is SOL. I wrote a thread a few months ago about this, and whoever ever bought SOL with me at $10 will be in huge profit now. IMO, SOL might flip ETH, as we can see many are beginning to jump on it, and the new memecoin trend will be in the SOL ecosystem rather than ETH.

Anyway, feel free to share with me what you are holding so I can add that to my list of coins to research

2 thoughts on “My moon bag for the next bull run”

  1. Floki is like a blast from the past. I am not sure how much it can go up. Many new Shiba killers are popping out daily. I like QANX, I had a huge luck with this pump since I sold at 8c and bought back more at 6c. Overall I have more than 5x on it already.

  2. These bags look great, but I’m leaning towards COQ over Floki since it’s still new. QANX is solid as well. What’s your price target for it?

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