Most EVIL Game of ALL TIME? | The Story of Axie Infinity


Most EVIL Game of ALL TIME? | The Story of Axie Infinity

After months of mental conditioning through playing some of the most bland, uninspired, and overpriced games known to man, I’m ready to take on the BEAST that started it all… #axieinfinity This video has a much different tone and approach than some of my previous videos, so apologies if it’s not what you expected. As Axie Infinity is a rather simple game, I felt that it is more appropriate to explore the origins of Play to Earn as a whole, and give a history of the rise and fall of the most popular #crypto and #nftgame of all time. Axie Infinity, and Play to Earn in general, is really nothing more than a cleverly disguised Ponzi scheme, meant to take advantage of one of the most powerful human emotions, greed. The developers had an amazing opportunity to use their insane success to create an amazing and well-polished game to onboard the world to crypto gaming, but instead, squandered their earnings and placed focus on advertising the game as a means for financial freedom. Today, Axie Infinity has scrubbed all mentions of Play to Earn from their website, and instead, focuses more on being a video game where you own your assets. Of course, hardly anyone is really interested in that, since why would anyone care about owning assets in a game that is no higher quality than a generic App Store game. Axie Infinity will go down in history as one of the most important players in the world of Web3, and serves as a perfect example of how the blockchain adds nothing to the game besides enabling it to be a Ponzi scheme. Thanks for watching! Subscribe: A Follow me on Twitter: o Join our Discord!: w

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  2. Wow great video. I can't do anything but laughing my ass off at the shit stain web 3 games are.

  3. aw hell yeah
    been waiting a while for this vid!
    and can confirm, you can earn more money learning to make vtubers than this sht lol, even if you don't know how to draw

  4. This is the second one of your videos I've watched. I didn't know that there were know crypto games to support a dedicated channel. As much as I like your content, I find this fact depressing all the same.

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