Moonrise Token Founders Edition

Month ago we witnessed nuke drop in form of “Sunset announcement”
I must admit, things looked very bleak, but thats crypto.
If you believe in something, you have to endure, you have to hunker down and survive.
With tenacity forward.
Moons are not just random coin, it is part of this subreddit, it is our token.
Reddit helped with distribution model, but in the end its users and holders of token that matter.
With upcoming burn we can finally move forward.

You may remember Medal of Rekt giveaway I did right after “news” hit.

Medal of Rekt R/CC edition
byu/j4c0p inCryptoCurrency

Today, we are gonna focus on celebration, less on coping 🙂
I am still testing the distribution tools Enjin created for their own ecosystem, so claiming is free but require Enjin Wallet to display and hold.

Moonrise Token Free Edition Claim

100 left, if all are gone I will refill the QR with more if we run out (max cap 250).
All unclaimed tokens will be burned.

To spice things up and to celebrate Reddit burning admin keys, I created 2 versions of token.

Second version called “Moonrise Token Founders Edition” is animated and capped at 50.
Founders Edition will be distributed manually and will be distributed only to users who BURN 25 moons.
If you are interested in claiming Founders Edition, you have to write comment
“After every sunset there is moonrise”
First come, first served.

How to claim ELI5:

  • Write comment “After every sunset there is moonrise”

  • Wait until the end of giveaway for my response for confirmation

  • Prepare your 25 moons for burning.
    Do not burn moons preemptively, only after my confirmation.

  • After moons are burned, I will distribute Founders edition manually.

  • If you fail to burn moons, I will just move down the queue if there are people waiting.
    All unclaimed will get burned.

If you have any questions, just ask, I will be here all day.

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46 thoughts on “Moonrise”

  1. Moonrise NFT giveaway burned 2,800 moons to host this.


    The OP previously hosted the Medal of Rekt NFT giveaway here:

  2. After every sunset thete is moonrise efQZDvc8g2rBEoJgUvGjcMuzPsrejKyDyLoJ1C9tdKnaMD4vP

  3. Remember to always be careful when accepting NFTs or tokens from unknown addresses. It can easily give access to someone to drain your account

  4. After every sunset there is a moonrise.
    (Forgot to keep at least one for myself)
    Will burn 25 moons for it OFC.


  5. After every sunset there is moonrise

    Can I only claim the first one with enjin wallet? I don’t want another wallet

  6. Now that’s a cool way to burn some Moons and just shows us how many more use cases could potentially be implemented someday. The picture is nice as well!

    Best of luck!

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