Moon Week 46

Hello everyone and welcome to Moon Week for round 46 of Moons! For more information about Moons, please see our wiki page here.

We are using Snapshot for voting directly on the blockchain based on your Moon balance in your wallet, in a transparent and open manner. For now all Moons held in self-hosted wallets at the time of poll creation will be eligible to vote, so if you are holding Moons on an exchange, the telegram TipBot or in a wallet that you are not comfortable connecting to snapshot then please be sure to transfer your Moons to a self-hosted wallet that you are comfortable connecting to snapshot before each Moon Week – for this one the date was 2/28/24.

To give exposure to our governance polls for the month, this Moon Week post will remain pinned to the top of the subreddit for one week. Note that distribution has not commenced yet as a formula needs to be voted on by the community at some stage. Please review the following important information first:

  • If you can't see polls or vote, or have any other issue, try again later or from a different platform (different browser, app, mobile, or desktop). These glitches usually resolve themselves within a few hours, but let us know if it hasn't after a day or two.
  • You can't change your vote so make sure you read the full post and discussions, and ask any questions you have before you vote. There are people wishing they voted differently every month and you have several days to vote so there is no need to rush it.

  • Successful polls are implemented whenever the mods or admins have a chance to do it. Usually this is within days or weeks of the poll passing, but depends on workload, priorities, and complexity of implementation. You can look at implementation status on the CCIP list.

Background to this week’s Polls

The previous governance polls have concluded on Snapshot and the results are as follows:

  • CCIP-076 – Information about Moderator Assets and Proposal to Spend $1100 on Legal Consultation – Quorum reached, passed
  • CCIP-077 – Increase Pricing of Events on R/CryptoCurrency (AMAs/Giveaways/etc.) by 50% – Quorum reached, passed

The discussion threads for this week’s governance polls are here:
– Flat banner price increase by 100%
– Sponsored first comment under each post
– Expand the /r/CryptoCurrency Ecosystem by Introducing a Sponsorship Program
– Triple The Events Price
– Dynamic banner price based on demand

Governance Polls

Here's your poll(s) for this round of Moons. Voting is now done using Snapshot directly on the blockchain based on your Moon balance in your wallet. You can view the full CCIP list here. It has moved from the wiki to a google doc.

  • CCIP-078 – Increase Banner Price by 100%
  • CCIP-079 – Sponsored First Comment Under Each Post
  • CCIP-080 – Expand the /r/CryptoCurrency Ecosystem by Introducing a Sponsorship Program
  • CCIP-081 – Triple The Events Price
  • CCIP-082 – Dynamic Banner Price Based on Demand

Thank you for reading and happy voting!

50 thoughts on “Moon Week 46”

  1. Current daily discussion here:

  2. This might actually give Moons some utility. Still not a crypto I would consider investing in (only have the ones given for free as it is a tiny amount). But I like the proposals.

  3. I have a question, it says I have 222 moons but in r/cryptocurrencymoons it says 46 or something like that. What’s the difference between the two

  4. Why is my metamask saying 0 moon balance but re adding the network says my balance?

  5. Anyone can give me a quick run down? It moons back now and is it the same method to acquire them by commenting or has things changed?

  6. Could there be a mechanism introduced to redistribute Banner Moons rather than burn them?

    We are already deflationary and don’t actually know how many survived the rug pull.

  7. Lot of interesting proposals, will need some time to think them through

    Happy Moon Week 🌕

  8. So many people seem to not know that Moons are still alive and well.

    Hopefully this Moon Week will help change that

  9. Reference the increase in Banner price; I feel like I need more info on the demand shown. DO you have a huge list of companies waiting to sponsor? Or do we only have a few. Ie, 100% of something(Current sponsor price) is better than 200% of nothing(no sponsor)



  10. I’m still upset with Reddit for changing the way moons work, I don’t like having to connect my wallet if I can avoid it. Now to participate in polls we have to. I hope moons eclipse Reddits upcoming IPO

  11. Crazy to think it’s been 46 weeks already.


    Sad I was AFK for so many of them..

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