Moon Governance is live on Snapshot

Hey everybody, we’re excited to announce that Moon governance is back via Snapshot! Snapshot is an off chain governance platform that will allow the community to continue to use Moons as a governance token for decisions pertaining to Moons and r/CryptoCurrency. For more info check out their documentation. A few points to highlight:

  • All Moon holders will be able to use their full token balances to vote
  • You will need to have joined the space prior to poll creation in order to vote, otherwise you will not be included in the snapshot. To join the space connect your wallet and click the blue “join” button and sign the propagated message
  • Voting is gasless as users will sign verifiable messages to vote
  • Initial quorum will be 5,000,000 Moons, but is subject to change
  • To avoid manipulation a snapshot of all balances is taken at the time of poll creation, so if you’d like to vote using a specific wallet your Moons will need to be in that wallet when the poll is created
  • Governance proposals will still be discussed and proposed in r/CryptoCurrencyMeta before going to a formal vote

There are three discussions currently ongoing in r/CryptoCurrencyMeta that will lead to formal governance polls on snapshot, please be sure to review these before voting!


Here is the link to the governance platform, please bookmark this site and check that the URL on your screen matches the one below before going forward with connecting your wallet:

As a reminder the mod team will never ask you for your crypto, your vault seed, your private key or any personal identifying information.

50 thoughts on “Moon Governance is live on Snapshot”

  1. Well done to the mods that managed to do it fast, easy and most importantly as safe as possible.

    Lets make Moons great again!!

  2. The ability to vote with a wallet not tied to your Reddit username, for free and with barely any security risk is great.

  3. Can’t vote on either poll and you can see I have moons and governance score. I’ve been here since July. I believe that’s what you mean when you say:

    >Joined th space prier to poll creation.

    Right? Or do you refer to the moon page on your link in your post?

  4. But like, how do I even get my moons, now that vaults are useless, if I didn’t move them it’s just a neat little thing beside my name? Can I still get at them? I don’t get it.

  5. I am pretty sure I joined before the test poll was created, but I still get that error.

    I will have to wait and see about the next proposal. Unless of course, it has something to do with me having 0 MOON to vote, so it’s probably that, being a test though, didn’t think it would be a requirement.

  6. Let’s see how many comments we have on this sub when everyone realized governance are back.

  7. When a new snapshot happens, will it be from this month or from the last reddit distribution?

  8. I have the name of a serial scammer and I also have the addresses of some BTC wallets he emptied. Hes pretty lazy but in this case he may have used a mixer. Is there anything I can do with this info on the off chance it can be used to associate him with other scams?

  9. I’m no longer interested in this shitcoin. I simply don’t trust any coin with the name moon in it.

    Why bother with the governance token again. What’s the point?

  10. When I try to connect my wallet and click on MetaMask it opens Coinbase instead, anyone who knows how to fix this?

  11. Well got that done but it was a bit overdone, For some reason meta mask wanted to keep opening my browser the hole time over and over again.

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