Model T tampered?

Just got my Trezor Model T today, bought it off from an authorized reseller here at my place.(

I am just concerned because after i removed the tamper proof/hologram seal, there were almost no “residues/markings” (left pic). All of the videos, images, reviews i have seen had this honeycomb/criss cross stuff in it (right pic). Did i just managed to remove it properly, or recent units do not leave those markings anymore? What are other ways i can ensure my wallet was not tampered?

Edit: It can also be seen at the middle picture that there are fingerprints/scratches/whatever on the upper left side of the screen when i opened the box. This is why i had more doubt when no markings where left upon removal of seal.

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  2. interesting when i broke that seal there was residues marking left on my device as well . not saying your is tampered but its will be better to talk to there support for conformation from there agent

  3. The residue markings are normal. It’s left permanently once you remove the sticker.
    If you took it out of the box and the sticker was removed, yes, it was absolutely tampered with. If you personally removed the sticker, again, the leftover glue mark is normal.

  4. Honestly, dude, if there is a tiny chance it’s been tampered with I’d send it back.

    The fingerprint alone would bother me.

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