MetaMask plans to integrate Bitcoin within the next month

MetaMask plans to integrate Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask is planning to add support for Bitcoin. This is reported by CoinDesk, citing people familiar with the matter. The wallet provider plans to introduce Bitcoin support within the next month, but the exact time is unknown. Functionality is not yet set in stone, but features could initially be limited and expanded over time.

For this moment MetaMask is the most-used Ethereum wallet – it is the gateway for more than 30 million monthly active users

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9 thoughts on “MetaMask plans to integrate Bitcoin within the next month”

  1. This is a step in the right direction, however, I can imagine a future where you won’t need to download a network specific wallet just to interact with dapps in another network and rely on centralized wrapping service providers.

    Just imagine signing Ethereum smart contracts with a Bitcoin wallet. How much smoother would that be for the user? Would wallets even be referred to as “Bitcoin” or “Ethereum” wallets, or just be simply wallets.

    Here’s how that can be done, but it may need to be retrofitted on the Ethereum network to support Bitcoin wallet signatures natively:

  2. Metamask hasn’t been same for a good while . Tons of issues regarding swapping , minting etc . I wish they would fix the existing issues while at it .

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