Metamask gets stuck looking for Trezor

Hi all, this is driving me nuts… when I try to connect my hardware wallet to metamask to recover an account (hope I'll find the address…) metamask gets stuck on a “Looking for your Trezor” message (see attached photo). I've tried various browsers and it’s the same. I've no idea how they can just let this issue slide; the amount of stress it causes people with locked / lost funds is outrageous… Anyway, any help please?? Scammers fck off 😊

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  2. Look through all the manual pages, help articles and other official documentation.

    You need to install “connect” (trezor product) and follow the official Trezor and Metamask documentation on how to do this.

  3. Try MetaMask sub?

    Great that you tried different browsers.

    My next trouble shooting tip would be to disable all extensions.

    If that doesn’t work, try another computer.

  4. This happened to me, I also had the GameStop wallet extension installed in my browser, if you have other extensions installed, that could be what’s preventing it. Now my wallet works perfectly and I have my Trezor backing transactions on Loopring/Layer 2 Ethereum!

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