Meghan BABYSWAP/Harry SEED SPILT/ /Catherine DANCES/My Romance with an Eskimo


Meghan BABYSWAP/Harry SEED SPILT/ /Catherine DANCES/My Romance with an Eskimo

💠 Timestamps for The River Broadcast: 00:00 Coronation Emblem Unveiled 01:23 Prince & Princess of Wales in Cornwall 05:16 River Deflowered by an Eskimo 10:01 Porkies 10:47 Keeping Schtum 11:55 Augie Brookbank Riddle 14:01 Threadbare Aristocrats 16:59 Charles & Turquoise Mountain 18:54 Harry’s ‘peach’ & Performance 22:01 Spilling Royal Seed : Sasha Walpole & the Missing Question 28:46 Storm Camilla 29:58 Viewer’s joy at OBE from Queen 32:28 Signing Orf. 💖 My Tip Jar for those who have kindly asked: 💠 DISCLAIMER: The River Broadcast is a presented as lighthearted comedy entertainment with genuine opinion pieces and a dash parody, satire and a sprinkling of theatre. Commentary is offered in the style of conjecture and gossip, with the viewer encouraged to take all views and opinions expressed with a pinch of salt and use their own discretion. I’m here to shoot the breeze, have a giggle and sip the tea. Thanks for your company and I hope you enjoy the show! 💠 COMMENT SECTION : Links to any other videos or websites have been disabled to prevent spamming or scams, so regrettably, any comments you post that include links will not be visible. Please keep your wits about you for scammers in all comment sections who impersonate other channels or other people, and don’t give out your personal information. 💠 I do NOT have a profile on any platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Telegram or Twitter. If I ever join another platform I will update the description box here. I cannot accept gifts, emails or post. Thank you for your understanding. 00:00

10 thoughts on “Meghan BABYSWAP/Harry SEED SPILT/ /Catherine DANCES/My Romance with an Eskimo”

  1. My love, I accidentally deleted all my subscriptions and I thought I lost you.
    It’s a blessing I found you on Valentines Day.❤🥰😘🇨🇦

  2. Every time I think I couldn’t get any more English! My great grandparents were English Scottish and Irish. Their parents came to America. From the “special occasion” hugs, to holes in a sweater, to our very dry humor, it warms my heart to know that though we are American, our homeland and its traditions have been passed down the generations. The first time I heard “the English love a good insult” I thought OMG that is MY family! Never take ourselves seriously. We are very warm but also very stoic. And you NEVER let anything go to waste. I have no doubt that you River would love thrift shopping with us! You look wonderful today! I love purple, every shade! And may I say I WISH I had your complexion! Stunningly clear and bright skin! Love from Texas! 💜

  3. River, I just love your blue purple dress . Just beautiful. Makes you look very Royal yourself. And those green earrings makes it the perfect look. It lightens up your face so nice.

  4. Sasha said in an interview that no protection was used but she was on the pill so no chance of pregnancy.

  5. You look gorgeous River. I love the earrings, green fabulous darling. ♥️♥️♥️🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  6. Unfortunately, here in the U.S., we are very familiar with the hokey-cokey. Beaten in lameness only by "The Chicken Dance" in the Midwest, so beloved at weddings. A great example of "white man's disease." (I'm white.) As a native of Santa Monica, I think it's wowish that you were deflowered here. I hope the night-blooming jasmine was in season at the time.

  7. How amazing to teach history to a student and then have said student become such an important part of national history.

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