MaxxChain: The upcoming Layer 1 Proof of Work EVM Blockchain is coming soon. PWR (Power) coin presales sold out, CEX launch incoming!

MaxxChain, the upcoming Layer 1 Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain powered by the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), is thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of its 2-Phase presale for $PWR coin, the platform's native chain coin. The presales witnessed overwhelming demand, resulting in both phases being completely sold out, amassing a total of over $250,000 USDT.

With the resounding success of the presales, MaxxChain eagerly looks forward to its upcoming listing on its first centralized exchange (CEX) in August 2023. Investors can anticipate an estimated opening price of $0.012, offering early investors a promising opportunity for growth.

The presale success has limited the available avenues for acquiring $PWR coins before the mainnet launch. Interested individuals can now accumulate $PWR coins by staking $MAXX tokens on BSC and ETH networks. The $MAXX utility tokens, developed and deployed by the Maxx team on the BSC and ETH networks, will also be listed on MaxxChain (paired with $PWR) following the mainnet launch.

The fully diluted pre-mined market cap for $PWR coin is projected to be $12,000,000. However, to enhance the coin's value and attract potential investors, a burn of 60% of the supply is planned shortly after launch. This strategic move will result in a reduced market cap of $4,800,000, amplifying the coin's attractiveness and potential for growth in the market.

MaxxChain's mission is to simplify the crypto space for developers, projects, and users, and as part of their commitment, they will emphasize education for their users while fostering developers and projects in need of assistance. The platform will provide extensive resources through its website and knowledge base, along with programs designed to nurture projects during their early stages of growth.

Visit the below CMC links for our $MAXX Utility tokens, part of the Maxx Ecosystem, currently LIVE on BSC and ETH networks:



MaxxChain Website

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