Marking on the back of safe 3

I received my safe 3 recently and have set it up, everything seemed fine but it has a small marking on the back. Trezor support says it ”aligns with our current standard state of items from our serial production.”

Before I go forward with using it I wanted to ask if anyone of you have similar markings?

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  2. I have the exact same in the same spot and I’ve seen multiple on here too, it looks to be from the injection molding process of the plastic body

  3. I have the same on the orange limited one, poor finish but whatever when it works

  4. Same markings. It was explained to be due to part of the manufacturing process so all is well.

  5. I’ve got 4x trezor safe 3 and was actually looking at these marks. All my 4 wallets had them slightly different. Seems like a mold injection artefact during the production phase.

  6. Same mark here. They could really do a better job about this we spent $70 on this after all

  7. Completely normal. All 3 of my Safe 3 has that. Like other people mentioned, it’s from the molding.

  8. I have the same mark. Got mine 3 weeks ago. Ordered from The package was completely fine.

  9. Just checked my one…. yeah i have it too… must be injection mould mark like others said

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