Man sold his house at the peak of of the 2021 bull run for 240,000 HEX now worth $2,000 USD

Want to start off by saying this is not confirmed since the documentary that it's taken from has not been released yet. The clip is taken from the trailer to “The Highest of Stakes” a documentary about HEX and the information was gathered from twitter.

I couldn't find an actual release date for the documentary but this would have been filmed during or right before the last bull run.

you can watch the clip here that was posted September 2021

In the clip you can hear the following conversation

Wife: it's like playing with monopoly money

Husband: I put it all in

Wife: put what all in?

Husband: all of our house money

You can see the amount shown on the transaction screen being 242,646 HEX which was worth around $113,740 USD at the time the trailer was released.

That same 242,646 HEX is worth $2,086.75 USD at the current price which is up 5% today

If the Documentary ever comes out I guess we will get the full story.

Edit: removed the part about him being taken out of the trailer because they just moved that scene to another part on the newer trailer. I could have sworn I saw a trailer without him on it and read people speculating about it but I can't seem to find it anymore.

50 thoughts on “Man sold his house at the peak of of the 2021 bull run for 240,000 HEX now worth $2,000 USD”

  1. Looks like that house money was hexcellent for the guy, too bad he can’t get it back!

  2. Losing my money and BTC because I lost a hard drive – I can live with that.

    Selling home of my family in order to invest in crypto, then losing it all – I have no idea how would I live with that. Seriously.

    This is the true definition of “don’t invest what you can not afford to lose”.

    This is crazy and stupid. He put in risk not just himself, but his whole family.

  3. Another victim of RH and of themselves. Putting your entire house worth into a shitcoin… that really hurts and I feel bad for his wife

  4. When things like this work out it gets repeated so much that it seems obvious in hindsight.
    Protect yourselves folks, gambling pocket change is fine if you have the security to take the loss.

    Not your family’s fucking roof

  5. He sold his house for coins while most people here own coins in hoping to own a house.

  6. Sound like my sia account it doubled first 6 months then it lost a decimal point.

  7. This is the sole reason why you should never FOMO. Also, taking a loan or selling your house or a real world asset to go all in on something as volatile as crypto is just insane..

  8. That sucks. It would have to be one hell of an investment to risk a house on..

  9. This is what you call a believer. He is judged in the future as either a dumbass or a genius. In this case, a dumb ass.

  10. He is not dumb, he sacrificed everything for someone’s liquidity exit.

  11. Maybe don’t buy cryptos near their ATH with money you can’t afford to lose? lol

    Could literally replace HEX with any coin and this story would be true. We really going to act like this dunce is the only one in crypto buying tops with money they can’t afford to lose?

    lol Reddit, you silly echo chamber, you.

  12. HEX is up by 5%. Great news! So you’re telling me there’s a chance? /s

    He should have bought BTC/ETH 60/40 or going by today’s prices 100% BTC.

    Easy to say with hindsight, I’m sure he would have been claimed as a legend if HEX went up. Nvm fella, one of us!

  13. When people are selling houses to buy shitcoin you know that we reached the top and it’s time to take profits…

  14. >The clip is taken from the trailer to “The Highest of Stakes”

    I see this man’s life being filled with trailers of all types now.

  15. Damn that’s such an insane investment. I’d have panic attacks even if I put that money into Bitcoin, let alone an alt coin.

  16. i thought they said HEX was the future and that bitcoin was a scam, what happened? Richard Heart is a clown.

  17. If he had used it to buy bitcoin or Ethereum, all he would do is to wait for the price to bounce back.
    There’s no bouncing back on this one.

  18. “The 1% will not be captains of industry, but the people who bought this particular shitcoin,” says man who wears gold chains.

  19. I’ve never really done much research on Hex except for all the posts here about it but I legitimately feel bad for this guy.

  20. Honestly don’t feel bad one bit. Not at all. This is beyond a silly mistake: this is flat out greedy and stupid

  21. The only people who benefit from ponzi schemes such as HEX are the founders or very early investors.

    So he can rest well at night knowing that he made Richard ever so slightly wealthier.

    I’ve been calling it a scam since at least the start of 2021 and in response I only ever got insulted or agressively told how wrong I was by investors.

    So I can’t feel any sympathy when I see stories like this.

    EDIT – There we go, just got an aggressive/insulting/uncivil response from a HEX investor in another comment, I hope they enjoy the ban I gave them.

  22. When I hear people doing this with BTC I think to myself, I hope they have enough liquidity. When I read about people doing so with alts my brain explodes.

  23. >Capitalism: God’s way of determining who is smart and who is poor

    ~Ron Swanson

  24. I can maybe forgive him for getting FOMO’d in, but I will not forgive the person(s) who conned this man to get inside of HEX. Let’s be clear, someone out there stole this man’s house if he’s left with only $2,000 equivalent value right now.

    Edit: Btw not sure, but the new trailer that’s linked has the guy still there? He’s not edited out? Or did you link to the old trailer twice?

    Edit 2: And no, we will never “get the full story” if it’s being produced by the people that are affiliated with HEX. That’s definitely a weird take. This is a docu-drama at best. Meaning some parts are scripted/embellished. A true documentary would have to strive to be as impartial as possible.

  25. I feel sick buy reading the title. Only invest what you can afford to lose in crypto.

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