Mainstream media just said that Bitcoin is “bad“ and central banking is better because its more “transparent“ and “we know what is going on“. What kind of clowns are they?

With our awesome rally of the past days it was pretty obvious that we would once again get the attention of the mainstream media as there are only two times they make news on us. The first being when we are down, so that they can call us “dead“ and the second one is when we are up so they can keep calling us a scam. While it did not work with calling us dead a few weeks back, now they are on the latter.

On the much bestowed media channel CBDC which also houses the most decorated Advisor, Jim Cramer, the author of The Black Swan was ranting about Bitcoin while BTC was hitting new yearly highs.

Screenshot of media news where The Black Swan author was calling Bitcoin “bad“ and the central banking system good

He said that Bitcoin is outright “bad“ and that the central banking system is much better, for the following reasons: The FED is very transparent, the USD system can be influenced and they “know what‘s going on“. The last one basically just does not make any sense, except if he means to say that all the rich people know what is happening and they can control it better, there he is spot-on.

It is just funny to see those clowns being to envious of Bitcoin as we are going up while the stock markets are moving way slower or even going down right now. Such people can only resort to the tactic of denying everything. Pathetic.

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49 thoughts on “Mainstream media just said that Bitcoin is “bad“ and central banking is better because its more “transparent“ and “we know what is going on“. What kind of clowns are they?”

  1. Taleb is a clown. If he cant shit on something, then its not worth his time. Never heard such a negative dude before.

  2. Mainstream media are just a bunch of clowns. People barely even care anymore what they say

  3. eh don’t pay attention to some old turd. there’s nothing more shady than the banks.

  4. It’s all about the picture they are trying to paint for the public.

    Misinformation and sensationalism is what mainstream media is all about. It’s what gets people’s attention.

  5. Of all the points to say to make central banks seem better than BTC, he sure picked the worse ones

  6. Lol transparent my ass. How much cash has Deutschebank washed? JP Morgan funding Epstein , Madoff? Can I see the transaction IDs on how those ppl moved funds?

  7. Tbh, I’m not even mad about it. At this point it’s peoples own fault for not knowing better.

    Our time will come and we’ll laugh last

  8. They ain’t even fit to be called clowns at this stage. “Aspiring Clowns” will be apt.

  9. MSM is following orders to spread hate for Crypto and prepare the people to accept CBDC.

  10. This pretty much explains his motivion

    Interestingly, he has invested in BTC in the past (supposedly sold it) and wrote a foreword to The Bitcoin Standard (which he retracted afterwards) and then suddenly went 180 and started his FUD camping against BTC

  11. lol. Sad thing is loads of Americans actually believe it too.

    Our entire financial and banking system is run by criminals. If tax payers didn’t bailout the banks and so many of them would have gone to shit and people would have lost out on so much.

    What is the Federal Reserver transparent about?Inflation??

  12. The thing I dislike most about N. N. Taleb is he wrote the foreword to The Bitcoin Standard and was a huge Bitcoin supporter, until he did a complete 180.

    Also, I like how he said the FED was transparent, when the monetary system is literally filled with opaqueness.

  13. C’mon will all know Bitcoin is bad. It has been used to fund all illegal activities since the last four centuries.

    Every single act of terrorism, the world wars, the entire drug trade, all funded by BTC since the early 1900s. All the embezzlement and money laundering in this world? That’s all crypto too.

    Don’t trust me? Just ask the media.

    /s for the dense.

  14. Hah what a joke the only thing that’s transparent about the banking system is how corrupt it is

  15. The kinda clowns that ride bikes with wonky wheels and toot a big squeezy horn, and who’s circus is funded by the tradfi old guard.

    That’s who.

  16. The kind of clown that says whatever they’re told on a script.

    Unfortunately, there are lots of people who don’t know how wrong they are and will believe them.

  17. Mainstream media didn’t say that, Nassim Taleb said it.

    What a bullshit post title.

  18. Of course, the TradFi system is very transparent, he isn’t lying at all.

    Think about it, how could public agencies miss billions on their budget books with no idea of where that money went if it wasn’t for transparency?

  19. We’re not at the top yet


    They’ll change their tune when we reach a new ath and then they’ll buy in, lel

  20. They jst want to grow nd shows that bitcoin is bad they have nothing to do 😂

  21. Serious question, who is he?

    Closely followed by my next question. Why does anyone give him airtime?

  22. They’re just loading up for the ultimate bull run, then they’ll be shilling their bags.

  23. It’s funny because bitcoin is literally more transparent than legacy banking lol

    It’s entirely public and immutable for everyone…

  24. Not mainstream media. The guy had some personal disagreement with his fellow countryman, Saifedean, and decided to direct his spite towards bitcoin. The hosts actually pushed back on the things he was saying. Taleb wrote a great book, Antifragile. Bitcoin is the definition of antifragile. But humans are fickle, fallible, corruptible. That’s why bitcoin exists.

  25. You need to know how cringy this comes across. Nobody is envious of btc’s 7 tps or consider it a threat. You’re being played by bigger fish telling you to look elsewhere.

  26. Is this authentic? Taleb has consistently condemned the traditional system. On Twitter he said the current system is bad but Bitcoin is worse.

    The guy doesn’t like Bitcoin but we shouldn’t paint him as a central banking shill.

  27. It’s all coming together! Iykyk! Buy hodl and store your own keys! No to cex and carefully avoid cloud mfa servers!

  28. zero.

    Zero is how much I agree with him. (That is, if 10 means I totally agree with him)

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