Maidsafe, from the ancient pre-history of the cryptosphere, is finally about to launch Safe Network.

Hi all,

This is my first post here, I hope I don’t come across too pushy with my message.

So, Maidsafe is about to launch their version of “decentralized Internet” in 2024. The project is called “Safe Network” at the moment, but it is going to be rebranded next week. They also have new CEO, Sarah Buxton, who was the CEO of GALA before.

I think there is a great investment opportunity in their coin now, mainly because they have not done any marketing for a few years, while focusing to win over all the development challenges they have had.

Now they are about to ramp up the marketing, beginning to some extent in next week, and more so in around June or so. I think the project is guaranteed to draw much more attention, than it has now. And that alone is a good reason to think about investing in it.

To keep this short, I’m not going to delve into all aspects of the network now, as a revised white paper is going to be published on Thursday March 21. But I want to highlight three features:

  1. Feeless transactions with a non-blockchain based cryptocurrency.
  2. Very low hardware requirements for participation as a node.
  3. All the data in the network is accessible to the owner only, encrypted in a quantum proof manner.

You can find more information in the linked article:

Ayr tech firm building ‘new internet’ prepares to launch network after 18 years of development

Oh, and the tickers for the coin is MAID, for the OMNI version and eMAID for the Erc20 version. They are equal proxy tokens to be exchanged for the networks internal token when the network goes live.

That’s all, have a nice day!

9 thoughts on “Maidsafe, from the ancient pre-history of the cryptosphere, is finally about to launch Safe Network.”

  1. I still want to add that while I am against “rush your money into this or that” messages, I want to empathize, that the best opportunity to invest really is within next few days, **before the announcement of new brand and white paper next week** etc.

    It’s of course a bit of work to educate yourself about the project before they have clarified their concept. But if you want to do that, a good place to start might be this Roadmap published on last Thursday. There you find important dates ahead etc.

    The forum in general is a good source for information, and has a friendly vibe.

    Also, they have new Discord server, but Reddit does not allow me to share a link to it. You can find that from the forum too.

  2. I usually never ever talk about crypto projects, but as far as I remember, MaidSave was the worse crypto waporware ever. It was top 10 coin by market cap back in 2014-15-2016, and failed to deliver, because of technical dificulties. If they really worked for 18 years on it and finally have a working product, than no other crypto can compare to this. This was ment to be THE Decentralized Internet, not a decentralized project, but decentralized Internet, a backbone for everything. If they really launch what they promised, this can easily outperform market cap of Bitcoin itself. But their tech problems were huge, everything was complicated. It was impossible to follow. I will definitelly check it again.

  3. My god- held this since the beginning. The Devs are nice guys but I’m not sure that there has been a more drawn out development- I go check in on the forum sometimes and it’s like ‘update 598’. Funnily enough the relative dust BTC that I held alongside it in my omniwallet is now worth a ton, I’d written off the Maid a long time ago but hope that they can launch successfully (although a crude beta seems less than ideal tbh).

  4. I would anyone new advice to wait for update of whitepapers, try beta test network and than think about investment into this project. In a past they many times fail to deliver and as it looks like everything ready it is still in development with not solved all the issues.

    Like invest without checking and maybe +10 000% of some risky part of your budget.

    or wait till deliver and lucnch the network and get +1000% of 10 times bigger part of your budget.

  5. I remember them from the Keiser Report when it was broadcast from the UK. Incredible that they kept at it👍💯😋

  6. It is a shame that my 8k or so of Maid are firmly in the grips of the Cryptopia lawyers. Not sure which I will see first, MAID back in my wallet or a working MAID network. Probably neither TBH. Long since wrote this off my balance sheet.

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