Looked through some old e-mails…

I was looking through some old e-mails earlier. I was such an idiot in 2016…


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3 thoughts on “Looked through some old e-mails…”

  1. Yeah I downloaded my CB history a while back with transactions dating back to 2013. All I could do is laugh. How could any of us have known what the future holds? We can’t be too hard on ourselves, at the end of the day we were the pioneers that gave the current cohort the tools to take this thing into infinity. I can live with that.

  2. I once looked back through my local bitcoins account and saw my purchase of 500 bitcoins for $300 which I used to buy a ball of skiing equipment. Hard to believe I had a $34M night of partying, and I was the BTC evangelist of my friend group the weirdo talking about how cool it was and how big it was going to be. Little did I know….

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