Logan Paul’s best offer to resolve CryptoZoo was 5-10% of the losses suffered by the victims, according to YouTuber KavosYT and his sources.

The cryptozoo project was created in 2021 by logan paul whom promised big things about the project but later didn't fulfill any promises and the. situation was dry until coffeezilla called him out on the matter and later logan told his investors in the discord server to refund them but now he's trying to get off the hook according to kavosYT.

According to kavosYT who has 103k followers on x told according to his “reliable” sources telling him that Logan Paul’s best offer was 5-10% of the losses suffered by the CryptoZoo victims.


he also added in the next tweet before this “offer” Logan paul and his team tried to dismiss the case.


Source: https://twitter.com/KavosYT/status/1710503684885426450?t=_F2hgl8s8JwtiyqiBtT_rQ&s=19

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50 thoughts on “Logan Paul’s best offer to resolve CryptoZoo was 5-10% of the losses suffered by the victims, according to YouTuber KavosYT and his sources.”

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  2. That’s super scammy, clearly he said he will give money in public just because he was under fire

  3. I counter offer with 100% reimbursement and 1000 years of jail for Logan Paul

  4. That’s bullshit, he definitely has the funds to fully compensate them but doesn’t because he’s a greedy lil bitch

  5. Situations like this really show just how scummy these people are lmao. Paying back his victims wouldn’t put a dent or have any noticable effect on his lifestyle or future yet they have no problem screwing over people who invest in his project.

  6. Just remember that there are still people that idolise and worship Logan Paul despite his obvious scummy ways.

    Don’t be one of those people.

  7. Logan Paul is a fraud through and through. No idea how assholes like him can have such a huge following.

  8. Maybe he is just still “working on it.”

    Anyone who thinks that any amount of % will be returned is dead wrong.

    Logan won’t do it unless it treatens his wider image – the same way he was making mistakes before and ignored them until media and people took it in their own hands.

    Well, sadly, that is not happening here, and he is fully aware of that.

  9. Logan Paul is such a greedy, selfish, and utterly DISGUSTING person.

    I hope karma hits him BAD.. He’s making MILLIONS, yet refuse to pay back his victims.

    Its truly insane to think, that he can get away with all of this, with no jail time, hardly no consequences.

    Makes me sick to my stomach. 🤮🤮🤮

  10. I hate Logan Paul as much as anyone, but Kavos has not given an actual source here. Just stated that it’s based of off “reliable sources”. He should be giving us his source on this otherwise it’s just another accusation, not a fact.

  11. His best offer is if he gets his ass beat by Dillon Danis. That one YouTuber, Jidion, promised to pay some of the victims with a 100k bet. Which isn’t much but tbh I think it’s worth it, 2 birds 1 stone sort of thing

  12. Logan paul definetly has funds to refund the people according to this article he has $245 million and his drink Prime partnership with KSI is valued around $3.1B to $8.4B

  13. If he compensate in full then it would have been pointless to scam in the first place.

  14. Every “victim” choose to invest in something that was a scam. They’re owed nothing 🤣🤣

  15. This guy will get what’s coming to him. Karma will hit this punk when he least expects it. The shit that he did in Japan and now this. People don’t forget.

  16. You almost hope next time he plays pro wrestler whoever is in there with him takes a couple liberties.

  17. You are rich, yet you still go and scam people. Tells you all you need to know about the character of such a person. Vomitive.

  18. Doesn’t he have 100mil or so? He has a caffeine energy drink out there making him bank so I’d guess he’s at least got that much money kicking around.

  19. No this guy ain’t giving back the money anytime soon . He’s just another scum influencer who loves limelight and attention .

  20. I genuinely believe that he was screwed over by the developer that he hired to build out the app.

    But at the end of the day, it was him in charge at the top, so he needs to face the consequences and take responsibility.

    However, not compensating victims is how the rich stay rich.

    This will just keep dragging out with him having the hope that eventually people forget about it and move on.

  21. this guy is insufferable. Dude already earns a fortune from his and KSI’s Prime drink alone, yet he can’t stand paying the people HE deceived what they deserve, in full. What a joke

  22. What an insanely greedy narcissist, I hope for every victim he is needed to pay back 100% of their investment, atm correlated to the $. Not eth..

    Edit add … But if eth gets a new high, he should pay by eth. Most expensive at x time of paying back.

  23. His net worth is according to multiple sources between 50 and 250m $. He could easily compensate the victims and most likely be less hated on the internet. Win-win. But what do I know 😅

  24. You guys think he’s going to pay 5%-10%? This happened a long time ago. No one is getting a dime. Accept it and move on with life. It’s better to be realistic instead of living with false hope.

  25. Just seriously stay away from crypto influencers promoting their stuff. You either end up getting rugged or their exit strategy.

  26. I can’t wait for Dillon to kick his ass and humiliate him. Jake is a way better boxer, Logan keeps making his first debut at boxing as if he was incredible, but bro is delusional. I’m betting on Dillon and I can’t wait to make some money 💰

  27. When do his handcuffs happen? If it’s not for crypto fraud, it’ll be something someday.

  28. So did he actually scam people with premeditation or did he promote something that turned out to be a scam? Sorry i don’t really follow this

  29. It is great to see that CoffeeZilla and Kavos exposing this scumbag, if they didn’t do it, logan would just pretend like nothing.

  30. He is an absolute plague on society. Excuse my (Australian) French, but what a cunt.

  31. It’s rather shocking that this doorknob and his window licking brother aren’t the best people. Who knew?

  32. Is it weird that I don’t know who this is and don’t care to find out? I can’t believe how much free time some people have to keep up with BS like this.

  33. All that prime, YouTube, and fighting money and he can’t even do atleast 50%. Pathetic. How does this guy still have a fan base?

  34. Fuck Logan Paul. It’s sad that because he’s rich and famous, he’ll never face any serious repercussions for this. I doubt any of those who got scammed will see any of that money they lost back

  35. Disgusting that 100% of the funds aren’t to be returned. Especially when he’s someone who profited off the scam and can afford it tenfold.

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