Ledger working together with scamming 3rd parties.

Seen multiple threads before about Changelly being a scam, holding users hostage (including myself)

Wanted to share my story with the hopes that Ledger would help me resolve, I've attempted to open tickets with Ledger with no resolve, maybe shining some public light onto it could help me further.

Several months ago I made a swap within the Ledger app through Changelly.

(239 Days ago as of current)

– Block explorer: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xa1480086361a6856b8bc9acfbaf34213db1b30a2de2eaf01f4fc03ab3ff70332

– Swap ID: turoua741o9ca1ab

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Now for months on end I've been trying to get my money back, following their steps and requests such as KYC, proof of funds etc with no resolve.

Changelly Emails

I keep getting the same responses, automated without any updates on the situation, in January i received the message “Your case is reviewed.” hoping that it was finally resolved.

Now nearing April I've still not received my money back.

Ledger support

Havent been able to get any further with Ledger either, please help me resolve this case and get rid of this scumbag service from Changelly that traps you into a never ending loop.

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  1. Exposed.

    At this point Ledger are also guilty of scamming as they actively are aware of the issues.

    u/btchip remove Changelly asap. Before legal action is started by us.

  2. u/btchip why Changelly is still there in ledger live? meanwhile several user made a complaint? also ledger support take very long time to reply by email :S

  3. Another horror story including 191 ETH. I hope you get your funds back and I wish you patience.

    This is a shame for Ledger. They can not get away saying partners are 3rd party as they are making money from commissions. Someday they will come around and leave those shady partners.

  4. “Several users” out of thousands does not call for concern. Changelly (like any other online exchanging platform) has to abide by many AML and KYC laws. Ledger only offers their service on their software, if you don’t like it you are more than free to use any other platform to exchange your coins. Just a wild thought but maybe exchanging 300,000 $ at once does trigger some internal risk system.

  5. Meanwhile there is no karma limit to “help 0 karma users who are desperate and can only ask help on reddit”. Can someone please help a person out with a real problem? 😀

  6. These stories are horrible… I can’t image what people feel when their funds are frozen so to say.


    However, I must say that I have never been that brave enough to make a huge transaction… I always make a test transaction first, and then send in small batches…

    I also research before using a crypto service. Easy way to find the horror stories. Another thing is to use the service directly without a middleman (like Ledger). Ledger is for me to story my crypto, not to buy/sell/swap crypto.

  7. This looks bad on Ledger. If they’re allowing Changelly to offer services on their platform, there’s an implied endorsement. As a Ledger customer, I would assume that Changelly were reputable and reliable – not necessarily the best option available, but at least safe.

  8. The bottom line is no where in crypto is safe. That’s the huge problem for mass adoption. I had funds in MetaMask. I got wiped out following all security protocols. If you have larger amounts you will eventually get hacked. MetaMask admitted to having an issue with a new hacking software for its wallets. It’s a violating feeling that you can’t understand until it happens to you. Hire a private investigator to work for you. It’s the only chance you have.

  9. API providers have to follow AML processes, if your money is being held this long it’s highly likely because your funds are tied to an open law enforcement case.

    Unlike cash, crypto is very traceable, unfortunately your funds have a shady background and you are paying the price.

    It’s not Ledger or Changelly, it’s the law that’s causing this.

  10. Personally I would never use a 3rd party with my ledger. My ledger is strictly for holding. I don’t even connect opensea

  11. I’m shocked people who have 191 eth think it’s a good idea to swap it with a 3rd party ledger partner like Changelly. 5 minutes of googling will tell you this is a horrible idea plus you get hosed with fees.

  12. I am sorry this happened to you. This is why I only ever use decentralized swaps with a good reputation among the crypto community. Anything that may require KYC has some human intervention where something can go wrong or your money could be held hostage. I will only use a swap that uses smart contracts to execute the trade instantly and is totally automated. Changelly does warn you that KYC may be required and for such a large sum of money being traded that to me would be a huge red flag to avoid it. Sorry.

  13. See this shit, this is why I just avoid all the apps on ledger live. It’s only good for storing, the apps aren’t worth the risk.

    Way too many horror stories like this

  14. I disagree that ledger has any responsibility to you in this case. The only thing that *might* consider is no longer doing business with them, but certainly not getting involved in any resolution for you.

  15. The Ledger app is so barebones using Changelly, Ledger’s focus should be making Ledger Live a better true alternative to Metamask.

  16. Damn Ledger customer service usually responds to every post on here.

    But no response to this one 🤔

  17. Damn. I’m saying op should have moved that shit in smaller blocks thru exchange and back to storage and not give some third party control of the whole nut at one time. Seems stupid to risk that much to save a few fucking coins on fees. SMH.

  18. Seen this before! Why are you wasting time ? Lawyer up take both ledger and them scammers to court !!!

  19. Please get a lawyer. These companies will not do anything until you threaten them with legal action this is truly unacceptable.

    If any ledger employee is reading this right now, escalate this to the top RIGHT NOW. This is disgusting to see.

  20. It was sent to Hitbtc after your swap. Very odd. If they are “reviewing” your swap, why did they send it to an exchange?

  21. What coin were you swapping to at the time, and was it in a time of high volatility?

    I had an issue years ago with shapeshift with a pretty large amount of ETH and I swapped right as the ETH/BTC pairing was dropping pretty significantly (I was swapping back into BTC at the time)

    Several others were also complaining at the time that their funds were being held and the swap not completing because of the swing in price.

    I had to go back and forth with support but it was ultimately honored by shapeshift.

    Not saying that this is the same situation but is it possible that you locked in a price on your swap that they would be losing a significant chunk by the time it completed?

    Obviously it is still on them because changelly shows you your locked conversion price. Just trying to think of ideas as to what happened here. The technology is way above my head, but I’m wondering if they for some reason couldn’t cover your swap?

  22. You should never use Changelly (or any other CEX) if you are not KYC to begin with, especially for large amounts.

    You did not know that?

  23. Test deposit small amount sending or swapping don’t trust ledger trust the blockchain everything else is a byproduct

  24. Not victim blaming here but you put 191 ETH through Changelly? I’m unsurprised they did this, they do this for much smaller amounts than that. You should know how shady Changelly is in terms of KYC/AML

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