Ledger from 3rd party

so this person got hacked because bought from 3rd party as most comments are saying.

I don't know if she's went through device genuine check and got 24 words from the device.

I bought ledger from authorised reseller from ledger website ledger.com and it's perfectly fine.

Of course, I went through the device genuine check and etc.

My question is

  1. should I be concerned because I bought Ledger device from authorised reseller from official ledger.com because it's a 3rd party? been using fine for years (device genuine checked on ledger live and etc) and is authorised reseller from official ledger website ledger.com still 3rd party?

I don't understand why ppl say buying from 3rd party is dangerous because as long as they can prove device genuine check can be done it's all that matters.

indeed as usual too much FUD in this space.

1 thought on “Ledger from 3rd party”

  1. I bought almost all my ledgers from 3rd party. I know how to check that a ledger is genuine, so never got any problem.

    The only ledger i bought from Ledger resulted in all my personal info leaked in their marketing database leak 😭

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