Learned the hard way..

Never again… (P.S. I love you kraken, river, and strike)

4 thoughts on “Learned the hard way..”

  1. I agree with one of the replies: Coinbase Advanced is ridiculously cheap. Swan pimps free this / free that, but their spot BTC is ALWAYS at a premium, so what gives there?

    If you’re referring to network fees, they’ve come way back down to below-normal levels, so that’s not an issue…

    Coinbase is far from perfect, but if I’m going to buy from an exchange—that I’m going to take to self-custody anyhow—I prefer one of the biggest.

  2. If you know how to use coinbase advanced, then fees are almost identical to kraken fees

  3. Everyone talks about maker/taker fees but how bad is the slippage on spot for market orders. I ended up giving up trading amd going back to hodling because Binance was using slippage as a secret way to raise fees. You need to be careful.

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