Latin American Blockchain Platform Patex Partners with Roberto Carlos

While focusing on mainstream narratives it is easy to miss some big moves that are happening in places like North America which is a huge market for crypto, and actually needs it. The most recent development that is worth mentioning is this partnership between Roberto Carlos and Patex since it's a fairly big deal for people in Brazil.

  • Patex, a Latin American blockchain company, partnered with famous Brazilian footballer Roberto Carlos.

  • Patex aims to use Carlos's influence to promote their blockchain technology (cryptocurrency, education) in Latin America.

  • This partnership combines Carlos's legacy with Patex's cutting-edge tech to make blockchain more popular in the region.

  • Patex is also launching new blockchain products like wallets and educational programs.

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3 thoughts on “Latin American Blockchain Platform Patex Partners with Roberto Carlos”

  1. Why would they go for a soccer player though? Don’t you need someone with tech knowledge to promote blockchain technology?

  2. Patex is making headlines these days. First, they start helping governments to create CBDCs and now they partner with Roberto Carlos. I need to add them to my watchlist asap.

  3. I am a big crypto enthusiast and heavily invested in the space, but when we started to see Matt Damon, Snoop Dog and others endorsing crypto… that was the top of the market!

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