Last capitulation before the bull-run?

Historically August and September are red months. Do you all think we will have a last capitulation before the bull-run?

What do you all think?

19 thoughts on “Last capitulation before the bull-run?”

  1. I don’t expect the bull run to start until late 2023 personally but it’s just a feeling I have. I expect miners will refuse to sell past a price point that will at least pay for operational expenses or go bust bleeding their money

  2. Next bull run? A credit event is taking place by October imo and will bring down everything

  3. This might sound weird, but i think it goes down every September because everyone is loading their Sportsbetting accounts for the NFL season.

  4. I predict 6 to 10 more months of sideways/ slightly downward movement until the bullrun, based on the 4 year cycles.

  5. Couldn’t have posted a more up to date chart?

    It’s already Aug 11th. July + Aug both red months (so far).

  6. Well if people start to believe that september always falls, then it will come true. Just like the stock market saying, sell in may and go away and don’t comeback till St. Leger day(september)

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