Laggards of the recent rally

30 days ago BTC price was below $27K and now it has rallied to around $37K currently. Many altcoins have also seen impressive gains. I thought it would be interesting to look at which altcoins have lagged the most in the recent rally. The table below has altcoins whose value has dropped 10% or more vs BTC in the past 30 days. I have limited the data to coins that are currently above $150 million market cap and excluded stablecoins.

What good is this data? You decide. Could be a red flag that they will also lag in the next bull cycle or an opportunity if you believe a certain coin will pump because they have been undervalued by the market. Could also be nothing. Data came from Messari earlier today.

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10 thoughts on “Laggards of the recent rally”

  1. Thanks for putting that list together!

    I bought a small amount of OMI in 2021 in the midst of the NFT hype, thinking it had a fair amount of potential given the brands that Ecomi had on board. That coin looks absolutely dead and the only reason I am still holding is that I am 90% down and I may as well just let it ride all the way.

  2. Just my two cents, but I think these are all lagging for a reason. They’re all either old coins or just lack interest or development. I personally wouldn’t be betting on a lot of these. I would be waiting for pull backs of coins that recently had big runs. We just had the first glance of what a future bull could look like, and people have have showed their hands on what coins they want for the future. Bet on those instead.

  3. You could probably throw a dart at any asset in the top 100 right now and be called a genius when it inevitably pumps (assuming bull continues). Exiting holds the real challenge.

  4. Why order them by market cap instead of the 30d BTC metric?

    Also, not a single good project here except for Monero. But Monero is a horrible investment.

  5. Many of these are dead coins on a quick review. Only the top 3 have some semblance of value.

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