Labelling Risk (privacy concern) on Trezor

I understand that when someone enable labelling, the labelling files will be stored either on Google Drive or Dropbox or local and those files are encrypted and by obtaining those files no one can determine exact balances however, I have a small concern..

My question here —>

I’m not sure how those files are generated exactly but let’s assume (that’s my assumption..correct me if I’m wrong)..Each wallet generated by a new Passphrase will have its own Labelling file which will be stored on (Google Drive or Dropbox or local), or maybe each address within each wallet has its own labelling file (please confirm which scenario is it)..If either case is true then we move to next scenario..

If those files are accessed by thieves or government, they could determine exactly how many Passphrases you created on Trezor wallet and hence it will be impossible for you to deny the existence of those Passphrases. Even worse, they could determine exactly how many addresses you have on each wallet by counting how many encrypted files you have on local PC.

I’m asking those questions as I couldn’t find the answer in this article other than those files are encrypted by private key of Trezor

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