Kendu Inu, an authentic community driven project aiming to become the top coin of 2024 $KENDU – Available on Uniswap!

The slogan “we don't gamble, we work” is the driving force behind the Kendu Inu community and gives a clear and concise message to those looking to join in on our journey to the top. All of the growth this project has seen thus far has been completely organic and community driven which has seen the project grow to a ~7million market cap and over 1000+ holders.

The project has seen insane organic growth and hasn't even begun to reach its full potential. With no paid sponsorships or influencers, the developer truly believes in this project and knows that genuine interest and hard work will provide a stable and solid base to avoid any pump and dumps or artificial communities.

If the numbers look like it's too late to invest in this project, I, and the rest of the community, will strongly disagree. This project is still very early and all signs point to incredibly high feats. Shytoshi, the lead developer for shiba inu, has been following the project since 1Million market cap when the community was still less than 300 members. Even better, the developer for Kendu inu himself (Kendu Miazaki) is an OG shiba inu player and knows exactly what it takes to make it to the top.

Kendu Inu aims to reach a 1Billion market cap and beyond and given the growth of the project so far, the community behind it, and the connections made, this will be absolutely acheiveable. Get on the train now and be apart of something extraordinary and be apart of something that you can be proud of!

A link to the official Kendu Inu website which has links for all the social media pages (highly recommend joining the telegram group where you can ask questions and get a feel for the community).

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  2. Amazing Excellent insane Organic unhinged

    I vowel to support $KENDU until 3 billion market cap 💪

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