Just a heads up the Trezor spam emails are looking more like a new letter

So I got this today.


I actually thought it was legit at first. Going through the normal app it shows there is no update, and looking at the github log it shows there is no new update. This got me looking into where the email came from and it's China.

Being your bank or crypto. Never click on a link from an email. Go directly to the companies site.

Oh and for those of you who doesn't know. It appears Trezor the customer database was gotten. This is just 1 example of many coming in this wave.

4 thoughts on “Just a heads up the Trezor spam emails are looking more like a new letter”

  1. Please bear in mind that no one from the Trezor team would send you a private message first.
    If you want to discuss a sensitive issue, we suggest contacting our Support team via the Troubleshooter: https://trezor.io/support/

    No one from the Trezor team (Reddit mods, Support agents, etc) would ever ask for your recovery seed!
    Beware of scams and phishings: https://blog.trezor.io/recognize-and-avoid-phishing-ef0948698aec

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  2. Thank you for posting this – I received the same email and it looks really slick.

    Also, thanks for the heads-up about the Trezor customer database hack. I still receive at least one phishing email a week from an old Ledger (Shopify) hack that occurred many years ago. It’s frustrating.

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