Join the Stryke Team for an AMA and Giveaway on April 23rd! Learn About Trading Onchain Crypto Options!

Hello r/CryptoCurrency

We are excited to announce that Stryke will be hosting an AMA on April 23rd! Get ready to dive deep into the world of onchain options with our founders.

About Stryke:

Stryke is pioneering the next wave of crypto options trading, focusing on simplicity and accessibility. Our platform is designed to empower traders by providing advanced, secure, and intuitive onchain crypto options trading tools. Learn more about Stryke here!

Who will be there?:

• TzTokChad (Founder of Stryke): A veteran crypto trader with nearly a decade of experience in the space. Tz has also been an advisor to several leading DeFi projects and is an expert Solidity developer.

• Witherblock (Lead Developer): A seasoned web3 developer, WB plays a crucial role in leading innovation at Stryke.


• Date: April 23rd

• Time: 1-3pm UTC


We will be giving away $2000 in total to the best 20 questions asked in this AMA as decided by us! Make sure you get your questions in for a chance to win.

Whether you’re new to crypto options or a seasoned trader, this AMA is a perfect opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and gain insights directly from the leaders of Stryke.

Prepare your questions and stay tuned for an insightful session with the us. We can’t wait to engage with you and share what we’ve been working on!

28 thoughts on “Join the Stryke Team for an AMA and Giveaway on April 23rd! Learn About Trading Onchain Crypto Options!”

  1. Has cryptocurrency changed options trading in any fundamental way? And if so, what are some ways that it has changed options?

  2. So crypto is fairly volatile – how does that impact your business in options trading?

    And I see you all exist on Ethereum, correct? So how do you mitigate fees? Are the options trades carried out on a specific layer 2 or 3?

  3. Why should we trust your company? What external audits have been done to your applications?

  4. Witherblock , as a seasoned web3 developer, how have you ensured the security of transactions on the Stryke platform? and what features or services can i expect from Stryke in the future?

  5. Can you elaborate on the mechanisms for adjusting fees? How will the community be involved in this process to ensure transparency and fairness?

  6. Can you elaborate on how Stryke’s platform simplifies the process of crypto options trading for newcomers? What specific features contribute to this ease of use?

    Another concern of mine personally, and a big reason for me to jump into a new exchange is security, especially with shaddy exchanges that are popping every now and then in the space, how does Stryke ensure the security of user funds and data on its platform?

  7. Are there any benefits on owning SYK while using your trading app like lower fees, etc? What are the advantages?

    Also, from a business point of view, what are the benefits of creating a token?

  8. First of all congratulations on the transition to Stryke, I think that was a really wise choice to move forward.

    I have 2 Questions:

    1. Folowing the depreciation of the SSOVs Options are there plans to continue a similar product by maybe implementing longer timeframes into CLAMM? Would be great to get a vision as to what happens next to CLAMM.

    2. In the Discord I have read a lot about Permissionless CLAMMs. What would that look like? If I got it right one could launch a CLAMM pair for any token similar to deploying a new LP Pair on a DEX? If you could elaborate on that that would be amazing.

    Have a great Day, the Future looks SYK!

  9. Do you realize that good questions are now downvoted because people want to win money?

  10. How does Stryke differentiate itself from other options trading platforms in terms of features, user experience, and overall value proposition for traders?

  11. My question:

    What steps does Stryke take to educate users about options trading, especially those who may be new to decentralized finance and blockchain-based trading platforms?

  12. If trading is on chain, are we using your wallet or can we use MetaMask? And are there protections against sandwich bots?

  13. Options have the appearance of being complex to use but can be a valuable tool in mitigating the risk that is inherent in a market as volatile as crypto.

    With that being said, what is Strykes ideal user? Is it going to be whales who move large sums of money and are fluent in how to use options, or will there be an effort to onboard less sophisticated participants? For example, ELI5 documentation that breaks down the how to best take advantage of your protocol.

  14. are crypto options dangerous?

    how can you assure your “customers” wont lose all their funds trading options?

    is there a security measure to ensure high risk gamblers, wont spend all on trading options??

  15. finally, an options trading platform on crypto, I’ve been waiting for one for so long.

    despite this, I do have a few questions:

    1. Liquidity is one of my biggest complaints with options. With futures, its easy to get a fill, even in decentralized apps, but options I’ve always had problems with. I do understand the Black-Scholes model, the risk in writing options, etc., but does Stryke have any plans to have incentives for liquidity providers? (especially after reading your docs, stating that CLAMM LPs are technically undercompensated for risk)
    2. Expiry dates: I see on Stryke that the highest expiry time is 24h. The degen in me is delighted, but I am a bit worried that this makes Stryke more akin to a high-risk, betting platform instead of the hedging and/or strategic approaches that would normally be more suited to options. Any plans for longer duration options, maybe even LEAPS if we dare?
    3. One slight issue with me is that options settlement in many decentralized platforms, take the spot price at a certain price instantly, instead of an “average/time-weighted price” taken from a time range that most centralized platforms do (Deribit, OKX). While not much of an issue now given less-than-a-day expiry times, what is Stryke’s approach to asset prices in options settlement?
  16. Stryke burned 8,100 moons to host this AMA.


  17. What are the lessons learned from the rDPX fiasco and what is the team doing differently moving forward to earn trust with the community (given the rebranding and move to one token)?

  18. How does stryke differentiate itself from the other decentralized crypto options platforms?

  19. What tools do you offer to help beginner traders? Or is this aimed more at veteran traders?

    PS love the OSRS reference u/TzTokChad

  20. Crypto options sound interesting. 0DTE on my favorite volatile asset must be really fun. Anyway.

    1. I’m curious on how much liquidity your platform has for each options. I’m not very knowledgeable on options but from my limited understanding someone has to buy/sell your long/short position to close the position unless you want to exercise it, what happens if no one wants to buy/sell it?

    2. What happens when you exercise the option? Who’s crypto are we buying/selling? Can you even exercise the option in the first place?

    3. I’ve noticed that you provided options for mainly ERC tokens, are you planning on providing options for other crypto currencies like Solana or ADA or even other L2 like Matic? Do you have a criteria for what cryptocurrencies you choose to make options, what are the criteria?

    4. Are you interested in providing options for stocks sometime in the future? Would that even be possible?

    5. How do you determine how much the greeks like IV, Delta, Gama or Theta for each option affect the pricing? Is it determined by the traders or do you affect the pricing.

    6. How do you avoid traders having unlimited loss with selling put options?

    7. I’ve tried using your platform on my phone put it showed me that its unavailable. When will the web3 app be available for mobile?

  21. I see that you have recently rebranded from name Dopex To Stryke. What is the main reason to change the name of your platform and to rebrand, and what exactly have you added/changed/improved upon since rebranding other than changing the name?

  22. Beyond financial gain, what other benefits do you see Stryke offering to users compared to traditional options trading platforms?

  23. Options are a powerful and sophisticated financial derivative that’s already heavily used in traditional finance and it makes conceptual sense to bring it onchain.

    What are the benefits, for users, of bringing options trading onchain and what are the challenges when building an options platform onchain?

  24. What would you say are the main selling points of your platform, aka with what arguments would you convince others to choose using it over other decentralized option trading platforms? And are there any plans in near future to expand number of different cryptos available for option trading (I can see that right now four are available- ARB, BTC, ETH and MNT) on the platform?

  25. Other than being the first cross-chain
    Options market what makes your platform any better than anyone else’s?

    I read through the website and it doesn’t seem like anything new or different which is fair, you say you focus on accessibility but imo for that you would need a more straightforward website with easily viewable fee previews, simple = accessible

  26. >Trading activity on Stryke is entirely on-chain and transparent. Leaving you in complete control over your funds and trades.

    That’s simply amazing, but I’d like to play the devil’s advocate and ask what are the downsides that you’ve faced because of this approach, if any?

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