Join Nym’s CEO and COO for an AMA on 28th June at 12pm CET & enter a $2,000 in NYM Giveaway

Hey there r/CryptoCurrency!

It's the Nym team, excited to connect with you all! Let us introduce ourselves:

harrynym – Harry Halpin, CEO

rachyandco – Alexis Roussel, COO

We're here to answer your questions and discuss everything about Nym for 2 hours on 28th June, starting at 12:00 pm CET. As a token of appreciation for your participation, we're giving away $2,000 in NYM tokens to the 50 best questions!

Nym is dedicated to building a safer internet through privacy. Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations with innovative solutions that protect online privacy and advance decentralization.

So, go ahead and ask us anything! Let's dive into the world of privacy and the future of Nym together. Join the conversation and get a chance to win NYM tokens!

PS: To enter the giveaway, fill in this Form: You’ll need a Nym Wallet address!

Disclaimer: All winners must complete KYC to earn rewards; void where prohibited including USA.

About Nym:

Nym, a leading Privacy & Web3 project. Nym is backed by major VCs including a16zcrypto, Binance labs and Digital Currency Group, as well as major validators including Polychain, Figment, Lemniscap and Greenfield One. We are excited to host an AMA session! We're giving away $2,000 in NYM tokens to the best 50 questions, so ask us anything!

At Nym, we're on a mission to build a safer internet based on privacy. Our open-source, decentralized platform safeguards privacy at the network level, protecting against traffic pattern analysis and metadata surveillance.

The Nym team is formed of world-leading experts on mixnets and anonymous communications. Harry Halpin, the CEO and co-founder of Nym Technologies was a Senior Research Scientist at MIT, where he led the standardization of the Web Cryptography API across all browsers at W3C working closely with Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web. Privacy is our top priority. With Nym, your internet traffic is encrypted and relayed through our mixnet, where mixnodes blend your traffic with others, ensuring private communications and hiding metadata like IP addresses. We're committed to bringing enhanced privacy, security, and decentralization to the Web3 space.

Experience the power of privacy with NYM Connect and the NYM Wallet. Empower yourself and your organization to protect online privacy and take back control over your data.

The Nym platform knits together several privacy technologies, integrating them into a system of At the heart of the Nym network is the NYM token. The NYM token decentralizes the system via proof-of-stake; it can enable the functioning of the system via distributing rewards in exchange for provisioning privacy-enhanced communication. Tokenization provides the foundation for an alternative to the surveillance-based economic models that dominate today’s internet. More info here.

Over the past year, we have achieved significant milestones at NYM. Here are some highlights:

  • Record-breaking registrations of over 1 million for the Nym token sale on Coinlist.
  • A successful launch event in Paris featuring Edward Snowden and new Paris office opening event with Chelsea Manning
  • The introduction of the Nym wallet and explorer, allowing for mixnet staking and delegating.
  • A thriving community of mix node operators across five continents, making the mixnet truly global.
  • An ecosystem with functional tokenomics, staking activity, liquidity, custody, and initial apps developed by our team and dev community.
  • The establishment of the Nym Innovation Fund and Shipyard Developer Grants scheme.
  • The launch of NymConnect, enabling privacy enhancements for apps and wallets like Telegram, Electrum, Keybase, and Blockstream Green, while stress testing the mixnet.
  • The release of Nym clients and Nym SDK, making mixnet technology accessible to ordinary browsers.
  • Advancements in research and development, including the development of Coconut credentials and anonymous credentials for e-cash and privacy-preserving KYC.
  • Co-founding the Universal Privacy Alliance alongside major privacy tech projects.
  • The Nym mixnet has been integrated with the Monero network. This allows Monero users to easily use NymConnect to run Monero over the mixnet, thereby enhancing the privacy of Monero transactions.

How to Contribute to the Nym Ecosystem:

Individuals can actively participate in the NYM ecosystem and contribute to its growth in several ways:

  • First of all you can create a Nym wallet and you can download Nym Connect to experience yourself how the Nym ecosystem looks like.
  • On top of that we recently launched our Nymja Ambassador program Our Nymja ambassadors will be the voice that advocates for privacy, decentralization, and a promising future, and will help us expand our communities while earning rewards. You can apply to the program here
  • If you are a developer our aim is to make it as easy as possible to build on Nym or connect their existing applications to the Nym infrastructure for built-in privacy enhanced features.If you are looking to ways to integrate your systems to Nym, check here

By participating in these activities, individuals play an essential role in building a thriving NYM ecosystem, fostering privacy, and driving adoption of privacy-enhanced internet communication.

Join Nym Community Twitter // Discord // Telegram // Element

24 thoughts on “Join Nym’s CEO and COO for an AMA on 28th June at 12pm CET & enter a $2,000 in NYM Giveaway”

    1. could you share same info of what Nym is all about and what you’ve developed so far? What inspired Nym’s creation?

    2. What is the purpose of $NYM coin? What are Nym aims?

    3. A Hard working spirit team is very important in project success. How big of a team do you have and are they well a experienced team?

    4. How does Nym works? Is Nym centralized or a smart contract based?

    5. Is $NYM coin deflationary or inflationary? How will you burn $NYM manual or automatic?

    6. What tools that Nym have that are Unique to other infrastructure? or what’s make Nym unique?

    7. How can we earn these $NYM token other than buying it?

    8. I want to support your project. Tell us more about ambassador program and in what ways can we participate ?

    9. What does future hold for Nym? Do you have roadmap you can share with us? do you have any updates you’d like to give us now?

  1. Coin gecko was also giving away NYM but due to KYC requirement I didn’t join that airdrop because I am not comfortable giving away my KYC just for an airdrop and it just felt absurd to me.

    Can you share the tokenomics of NYM? I can’t find much info on that.

  2. Can you share some more info about Nym mixnet? I have seen you guys at the last two Monero conferences, but I am still not really sure how Nym “increases the privacy of Monero transactions”. Is the NYM token required to use this supposed privacy enhancing feature?

  3. Tbh i don’t know about nym bt i read the bio and also I don’t have nym wallet nd all can uh pls tell me how i can get this

  4. Thanks for doing the AMA!

    A couple questions:

    1. Can you explain a bit more about what you are building? How would a user interact with it / how is it different than other internet privacy solutions?
    2. Is the focus to build infrastructure that others can build upon, or to more directly create a product users can benefit from?
  5. Just one simple question.

    Why isn’t your website updated since 2021, it still shows © 2021 Nym Technologies SA, all rights reserved?

  6. You have a lot of VC backing in nym, how do you think it effects the direction company’s decisions are made? Do you think that larger VC are cooperative with other investors?

  7. Why are you CEO or COO of this Nym, where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

  8. I didn’t understand KYC requirements, why would you want winners to do KYC in one country and other it’s void(for example US)?

  9. Why Nym wallet? what purpose it serves exactly that other wallets can’t or have never thought of?

  10. Just one question (without KYC and NYM awards, obviously).


    Are the moons for this specific AMA burned?

  11. What are the characteristics of NYM connect? I learned that NYM Mixnet is better than VPN & TOR can you tell us how and when it will be available to use for other applications ?

    Is there a Android version of NYM connect planned for future?

  12. What will be the utilities of $NYM token in the project? Can you also tell us about its Tokenomics?

    NYM token currently supports ERC-20 and Cosmos blockchain any plans to expand it to more chains ?
    Is there a bridge available for transfering NYM ERC-20 to NYM cosmos ?

  13. I am a project manager with experience in sales and marketing how can I join your team?

  14. How will you handle government agencies when they request/require NYM to submit data?

  15. Users can delegate their NYM tokens to mixed nodes and receive pprn rewards for providing privacy from the Node, can you indicate how much is the minimum to delegate and is there any limit or block time?

  16. Is it possible to integrate NYM Connect into Android and if yes, do you plan to work on this in the coming months? (I’d love to try NYM Connect with Telegram app on Android, similar to what is already available on Linux).

    1. Why do users have to go through KYC to get their anonymity project tokens? What will happen if this user database gets hacked on project side?

    2. Why shouldn’t the project use NYM as a means of payment outside of the Nym network?‌‌

  17. In Web 3.0 the main idea is decentralization.
    How decentralized is the Nym network and how many active validators simultaneously running? Is it planned to expand the active validators set with an increase in the number of users, and, as a result, the load on the network?

  18. I think one of the major goals of web3 projects would be to bring in the web2 users into web3, and to do this, web3 projects should work on educating and enlightening the masses, how has NYM been able to achieve this?

  19. I have two questions here

    1. How does Nym’s technology create a safer internet through privacy, and how does it differ from other similar projects in the industry?

    2. As revealed in your mission what do you plan to advance decentralization and empower individuals and organizations with innovative privacy solutions in the long term?

    Thanks to the team for the golden opportunity.

  20. Nym burned 702 MOONs for this AMA in tx id:

    Event poll was here:

    1. What idea did you guys come up with to create Nym ? Is there a story that’s hard to forget? Why is the project name “Nym”? Does it have any special meaning?

    2. Could you please shed more light on security side of NYM ecosystem? How secure is the NYM’s structure? What measures have been taken?

    3. NYM has built private solution which will be a good idea since it can increase security and privacy. However, when u are on Enterprise level, having impact on national economy, i think government wont like the private part, privacy coin delisting on Korea top exchange is an example. So, to resolve the problem on regulation and law-related, how will NYM team solutions be?

    4. There are many projects that have ceased to exist when the market is downtrend because they have no motivation or run out of capital to maintain. So what is the motivation of Nym to be able to create breakthrough products even when the market is downtrend? And capital to maintain the project, can you guarantee it?

    5. What are your plans for 2024? Can you share some next major events of Nym project? Which developments we can expect from Nym project in next years?

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