Jaredfromsubway has earned $500k in the past 24 hours through his frontrunning bot. Everytime you buy or sell tokens on a dex, Jaredfromsubway is frontrunning you with his mevbot.

Jaredfromsubway is doing this through a sandwich attack, “a sandwich attack is one where the attacker sandwiches a trade (of the unwitting person) by using two separate transactions.” You guys can read more about this in the article linked in the sources.

The name Jared from subway is now starting to make more sense right? The mevbot has made him 250 eth in the past 24 hours, that is over $500k. Im sure any shitcoin trader will know of this bot and have seen this bot mess up peoples buy and sells before. He then proceeds to make a whole lotta profit and sends it to his main wallet in batches of 50 eth, previously he used to send it in batches of 30 eth, so i guess he is way more profitable now.



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  1. Some manipulation in the market as usual while all we’re doing is buying high and selling low

  2. From what I can gather, the way the attack works is Jared places a large transaction after Steve’s (fake name) buy but with higher gas fees. Effectively Jared’s buy transaction is completed first pushing the price up and then Steve’s buy goes through 2nd which also pushes the price. Then Jared sells the coins.

    Essentially he is using Steve’s purchase to sell at a profit.

    The reason it is called a sandwich attack is because Jareds transactions are completed before and after Steve.

  3. From sandwich artist to crypto frontrunner, Jaredfromsubway is making bread in a whole new way! Wonder what his secret sauce is?

  4. Jaredfromsubway making money by cheating. Remember kids, frontrunning is not a cool trick, it’s just plain unethical.

  5. TIL;

    1. what a sandwich attack is
    2. that this is the second most infamous Jared from subway, but still a predator of unwitting persons
  6. This is illegal obviously in normal markets (and maybe in crypto too? Not sure though).

    This kind of thing is why I recall someone describing crypto as ‘speed running traditional finance’. In other words, we’re going through the same evolution as the traditional banking system did, just faster. The point is that eventually we’ll all have similar regulation. Hopefully better tailored to crypto’s unique use cases.

  7. Fyi, we can use flashbots RPC which will automatically protect you from being frontran by mev bots. It also reverts failed transactions so you will never need to pay gas on failed transactions again 🙂


  8. That MEV bot has only been running for 2 months, but he has already made $15 million from it:



  9. Scammers are always the biggest winners in Crypto.

    I need a refresher. Why we are surprised that the government is coming after Crypto again?

  10. That is so bullshit and so unethical. We have to get these dirty bots out of crypto somehow.

  11. Mevbots are something not talked about enough on this sub when talking about trading

  12. People calling this unethical: this is inevitable, this is the result of a fundamental flaw in ethereum, namely, that the mempool is visible to everyone. Every transaction that is going to happen in 10 seconds is visible to everyone. everyone can see 10 seconds into the future.

    It isn’t about crooked morals, it is about this gigantic fucking design issue.

  13. I was always surprised regulators never addressed MEW bots.

    It’s basically frontrunning, illegal activity in any regulated market.

    Seems like easy win for regulators.

    There will be reckoning comming once regulators get to this point and it will be nasty let me tell you.

    It will hurt crypto at technical level and changes will have to be made to make MEW and frontrunning impossible or illegal.

  14. Wonder if this is possible on chains that don’t use gas to prioritize which transactions go through first, it’s horrendous for adoption

  15. I want to add a warning to this comment section. if you search for front running bots you will 100% find copy and paste code that just sends your crypto to a scammers wallet. They will tell you that you’ll make a fortune. You’ll loose 100%.

    So don’t do it.

  16. man I’m having a hard time taking this space seriously anymore, it’s bs just like everything else.

  17. So what stops everyone from running a mev bot themselves? Does it need a large amount of ETH?

  18. Well he is abusing the system to his advantage. Sandwich attacks just need to be made impossible somehow

  19. Is this what’s going to be addressed by the Proposer/Builder Separation upgrade?


  20. You can’t front run if you can’t see what is being traded. Outside of FSS (fair sequencing service) from Chainlink, Oasis Network is the only other solution that I can think of at least in EVM that offers fully EVM protection.

    Included links to both. Solutions are being worked, it’s just a matter of getting dApps to deploy them.

  21. Just like hedge funds imo. Kudos for him being able to make buck. The argument that anything other than bitcoin has “better design” than other is silly. That’s what bitcoin is for. With that being said, yeah scalp away, make some money. Cash Rules Everything Around Me, CREAM – get the cheddar – Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all

  22. Same thing the central banks technically do when they print money out of thin air. Then make you borrow it cause it’s the only “money” that can be accepted for a big purchase like a house. Then you have to work the next 30 years of your life to pay back the overlords bullshit fiat.

  23. So as someone who doesn’t really understand what this means. Is this legal? Or illegal? Sounds clever.

  24. This bot shit is brutal. They are especially prevalent on pairs with low liquidity that have more volatile price swings.

  25. This doesn’t even make any sense. Frontrunning transactions is so hard because of gas fees, it makes it very hard to earn a lot using this method.

    If you analyze a transaction pair (buy & sell of X shitcoin), you see that he makes approximately 0.00001 ETH per transaction (thats rounded up). Quick estimation based on past hour is 400 tx/hour, so 9600/day. 9600*0.00001 = .096ETH, lets say .1ETH/day.

    So where is the money coming from?

  26. Shit never changes, always gonna be someone trying to make a buck, once again if you have no idea what your doing with smart contracts just don’t do it!!!

  27. Nothing but respect to use a system and profit significantly from it. There’s a reason they say the most expensive trading bots are not publicly available.

  28. Came here to make sure this wasn’t the real Jared from Subway – fortunately he is still serving his time due to child porn charges

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