I’ve got hacked by a member of this community

Someone supposed to help me but just got drain my usdt from acc can someone help me or prevent other peoples to be scammed?

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7 thoughts on “I’ve got hacked by a member of this community”

  1. Correction: You got scammed by a random stranger on dm.

    Like, how many times do users need to see warnings of not responding to unsolicited dms?

  2. Are here any Mods that can at least get this people out from here ? You see this people having 5000karma and you think they are legit

  3. I clicked to see how you got “hacked” you already been corrected, you wasn’t hacked you was scammed when you confirmed it voluntarily!
    Don’t trust DMs just trust legit protocols etc DYOR!

  4. You didn’t get hacked, you willing signed a transaction. The transaction you signed allowed the scammer to spend an unlimited amount of your USDT and the scammer naturally took you up on that offer and spent all of it. No hacks involved. What you did is pretty much equivalent to signing a blank check and giving it to a stranger that approached you on the street.

  5. Hopefully they didn’t get a lot 😔 I would never let anyone near any of my accounts.

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