I’ve been mining Pi on my phone for 3 years now, along with millions others.

(If you think it's a scam or if you have questions, I'll take your DM)

Attention: This is not the actual Pi. Don't get scammed. Pi hasn't launched its mainnet yet. Currently Pi holds no monetary value.

My reasons:

  1. I get them for free.
  2. I only spend 30s of my day.
  3. Imho, huge potentials.
  4. 40M+ users now.
  5. Project run by a Stanford professor.

My doubts:

  1. All of this can be a waste of time: Only 9 hours in three years.
  2. It's a scam: I haven't spent a penny.
  3. They're generating ad revenue from the users: You can turn it off. A project needs to generate some money for the development. I literally get only one ad when I tap mine and that's it. Not riddled with annoying ads.

Hopes: It's a different system. Not just another alt coin or a meme coin. I understand I'm not gonna get rich tomorrow, but I see its potentials.

How many of you still mine? How many of you think it's a scam?

18 thoughts on “I’ve been mining Pi on my phone for 3 years now, along with millions others.”

  1. The 30s a day are not my concern.
    The fact that I have to give them access to my contacts are of concerns.

  2. i dont think it’s a scam i just think it’s worthless, pointless and a waste of time and energy

  3. It is absolutely a scam, only a person that does not wanna see it, don’t.


    Would you work for your employer if he promises you a paycheck in some indefinite time in the future? How about years? No worries, you can work from home, just 15 minutes a time.


    To dissect your “reasons”:

    1. It’s not free. It’s like saying “Facebook is free!” yet, it’s one of the wealthiest companies in the world. Just because you don’t pay for service, doesn’t mean it’s free. If you want some real, “free coins” in your sense, you might wanna look into “Airdrop hunting”. ARB users got thousands of dollars of ARB cryptocurrency for free, and they could sell it for $$$ instantly if they wanted to.

    2. Reason that it’s not a scam is that you spend only 30s of your day? Well, I doubt anyone would spend 8 hours a day for nothing…

    3. Imho, huge dissapointment.

    4. This is a tough one. Reference? I doubt there are 40M active users. Mby 40M registered accounts or something (even I had one back when KYC wasnt needed).

    5. You know nothing about that professor, and their agenda. Kardashian, Lindsey Lohan, Akon, Ronaldo, and many other celebrities were fined in hundreds of thousands of dollars for promoting shit like this. Just because you are “reputable” and “dont need money” doesn’t mean you can fall for scams like Pi coin.

    Just cut your losses, and stay away from it. I hope my comment helps you out, but please, dont post about it on cryptocurrency subrreddits, as it is NOT A CRYPTO, since it does not have a blockchain. It’s like saying Zynga Poker chips are a crypto. It’s not.

  4. Had Pi for a while on my phone, removed it for privacy & security concerns: 1) if you use your phone as a wallet (Samsung, Google, Apple) then who knows what the Pi app is accessing or may affect the functionality of; and 2) if you use your phone for any other crypto-related function (wallet, CEX, DEX, etc.) then do you want the operational risk of Pi mining affecting that functionality? Tax consequences: though Pi tokens are free and worth nothing, if ever they do get assigned a value (say, someone buys two pizzas for Pi), then each day’s mining activity will cause a taxable event. Not that it’s a lot of money but do you want to file extra tax paperwork just for clicking a link of an activity of dubious value?

    A better value-per-click payoff is to participate in other blockchains’ steps (typically, new) to enter contests and participate in airdrops. Another benefit of this activity is you learn something new.

  5. Was mining for years, got a new phone number and lost acces to everything. Crappy, scam and worthless.

  6. Last I heard this project was under investigation in the Philippines. Why they are investigating I don’t recall. But even after my whole team did their kyc none of us can withdraw. Once they actually release their mainnet you can. But it’s been talked about for a couple years now. Which tells me they have no desire to do so. They just want everyone’s info to sell. And like someone else mentioned here, who knows what they have access to on our phones. I deleted the app last year and since then got a new phone. I noticed that the price for Pi was $34 dollars and got excited so I reached out to my team and asked everyone to try and withdraw. Nothing. Then I notice coingecko stated that there was no actual money value for Pi. It was essentially and “iou” when the mainnet gets released. Which again, I don’t believe will ever come.

  7. Yo. Pi “miner” here also. I too think (maybe less now than I used to) it’s a scam/worthless. HOWEVER

    1. I recently was interviewing for jobs and the Pi team was one I talked with. They were offering upwards of $200k/yr to develop on their team.

    2. the “pay with pi” campaign seemed fairly successful and hopefully when mainnet goes live this will be easy transition.

    Again, I’m a skeptic too. But those 2 points have made me slightly less

  8. Yeah you’re absolutely right we are not losing anything .
    And it’s trading in Huobi

  9. They need your ID to release the coins = if its not a scam its a bait, they are hoarding your information for personal reasons

  10. I mine every single day. I think I’ve been doing it for around 3 years now. Have around 2k Pi or so.

  11. No scam it just never moved anywhere and will never hit the mainstream. Think of how the launch would go.. who would want to buy something that millions of people got for free? So yes a definite waste of time and data resources.

  12. I sent my ID scan to Pi for kyc at least a year ago. Still not verified and have no option to resubmit to fix any issues there may have been.

    I doubt Pi will ever approve my account and give me the couple thousand pi coins i “mined” with my phone over the 2 years or so I was doing it.

    I had 5 miners in my pool. As far as I’m aware none of my friends were able to verify their accounts using the kyc system either.

    It feels a lot more like a social experiment than a cryptocurrency.

  13. For anyone that thinks it’s a scam ypu can send to me I can sell. We will split 50/50

  14. I’ve been on and off with it. They’ve always been hinting at the mainnet, but nothing yet. Hopefully Bitcoin’s recent ups will push them a bit more.

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