It’s crazy to think that XRP was labeled a security by the SEC at the end of 2020 and it’s still 6th by marketcap and it’s close to it’s pre lawsuit price.

With the SEC currently labelling everything a security and recently the market experience generalized sell offs of across ALTS. It's crazy to think about XRP which was sued by the SEC Dec. 22nd 2020. Prior to the suit XRP was ranked #3 by marketcap and had a price of $.53 after the lawsuit was announced the price dropped more than 50% in in less 24 hours dropping to ~$.25 by Dec. 23rd 2020.

But XRP keeps chugging along, with the price currently at $.47, XRP is hanging out around its pre lawsuit price, and it's marketcap is currently above the prelawsuit marketcap – due to an increase in the circulating supply.

Despite the ongoing SEC suit and a bear market – XRP is firmly cemented as #6 in marketcap and doesn't appear to be going anywhere. Perhaps this is a indication for other alts who have recently been called securities by the SEC (ADA, SOL, Matic) or perhaps XRP is an exception – regardless it's absolutely wild to think about the state of the market.

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46 thoughts on “It’s crazy to think that XRP was labeled a security by the SEC at the end of 2020 and it’s still 6th by marketcap and it’s close to it’s pre lawsuit price.”

  1. 2069: XRP case is about to end with a big lose for the SEC.

    Seriously, the marketcap has been really strong taking in count all the drama.

  2. XRP has shown an absurd amount of price stability. Blacklisted from almost all US (and some other countries that followed suit) exchanges and having all US based partnerships killed/stalled, while still remaining top 10 by mcap.

    I really don’t think many other projects would have held up in the same way under those circumstances, if Ripple wins in the courts it’s price action will be interesting to watch

  3. So if XRP didn’t increase circulating supply, it would be at a higher price than pre SEC lawsuit?

  4. If I find myself in 2150, the first thing I am gonna Google is “What happened to Ripple lawsuit” and I am afraid to see “It is still ongoing”

  5. At this pace people gonna see the last BTC being mined but won’t see the end of this lawsuit

    I hope Ripple wins the case.

  6. I’ll be honest, I still don’t know what XRP does compared to other blockchains

  7. I’m really curious to see what happens to XRP now that other projects are also getting labeled as securities.

    Does XRP start to perform better because it’s not singled out by the SEC anymore?

    Does XRP start to perform worse because it’s just another coin labeled as a security along with 50 others?

    We will wait and see. This period is very interesting in general.

  8. That’s probably because this whole trial is free publicity and a great marketing campaign for XRP

  9. By the time that lawsuit ends, XRP will be worth enough to bribe every single SEC employee.

  10. Feels like this lawsuit has been going on forever.

    Hope it finally settles soon so we can put this debate to rest

  11. Yep. Just imagine the price XRP will rocket to when they beat the SEC. And it will drag the rest of the crypto projects along for the ride

  12. Being a security is not a death sentence for a crypto. Good tech survives regardless of the label.

  13. Then you find out someone accumulated over 80% of it as a flex to tell the occult if they tried to pull the bullshit central bank stuff they still wouldn’t control it and now that timeline is broken and the coin is almost fully accumulated.. so the chances of prices continuing to go up is basically 0

  14. > and it’s marketcap is currently above the prelawsuit marketcap – due to an increase in the circulating supply.

    Circulating supply isnt calculated correctly for XRP. it is a 100% premine, all Tokens are in circulation. CMC + others have a long history of Pulling Data from an Old out of date Ripple API instead of from a node/the blockchain itself. One day this API will stop working (because of an update to the network for example) and it will cause XRP’s price to show Null and it will cause a big headache.

  15. Arguably it being delisted by most major exchanges in bigger than the SEC case itself.

    BTC and ETH are both above their 2017/18 highs. It is logical that XRP should (without the case and delisting) also be above its ATH.

    Another thing to point out is that the SEC investigated Ripple for years and found no fraud or other crime. I doubt many other crypto companies would do so well under such scrutiny.

  16. My biggest fear is that after waiting more than two and half years the judge rules it must go to trial and then we won’t get any judgment till 2025

  17. I don’t own any XRP but it has held up absolutely remarkably these last few months. It’s impressive.

  18. Fuck XRP.

    1. Major corporation super centralized

    2. Heavily centralized supply

    3. Heavy dilution

    4. Had an ICO

    It’s a security and not a crypto

  19. It is still not a security…yet, until the ruling. Same goes for all the others. However, exchanges not wanting to pay a fine will just delist them until a ruling is made. Having said that, paying the fine, imo, is absolutely unlawful because they can’t dem it a security without due process so the fine is illegal and they should be sued for imposing and collecting said fine if it turns out to not be deemed a security by official channels.

  20. XRP: the comeback kid of the crypto world! Kudos to surviving the SEC & major exchange delistings.

  21. Pretty sure XRP was pushing $3 so it’s no where near what it was. Ripple has been doing an amazing job keeping it afloat though. I hope they win the lawsuit. Not because I support them but the implications on the industry as a whole.

  22. True fundamentals are more important than noises. And the market is still irrational af, we saw LUNA in top 10 not too long ago

  23. Last I checked wasn’t Ripple on the edge of winning the lawsuit? I mean that does explain why the price is back there again.

    There was a time when Everyone was waiting for the lawsuit to get over for it to pump lmao

  24. Yeah fucking sec scared me and I sold for a huge loss…im still fucking pissed

  25. XRP is a corporate piece of shit that focuses on trying to prop up the traditional financial sector.

  26. What do you do with XRP? Does it have smart contracts, NFT’s and other blockchain utility? OR is it just a printed XRP coin by Ripple to sell to the masses like HEX? Sounds like a security to me… #IncomingDownvotes

  27. Because ripple and xrp business keeps growing and some irrelevant SEC bs shouldn’t have the impact it has had (price still stuck). Even in the event that the judge is mentally challenged and approves the SEC’s baseless claims it wouldn’t matter because the world doesn’t really need the US for shit so Ripple can just move and the rest of crypto can do the same. Already killed the American dream anyway so they might as well kill innovation and take a step closer to an isolated backward cesspool

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