it is possible to recover scammed cryptocurrency?

I got scammed and 3 tokens (CRE, propchain and LOCK) were sent to this adress 0xa028d4e7C580C7fbbab166c79C2f8FAD4970c3a0
I can see my 3 tokens in that adress overview by holdings.

Is it possible to recover it or maybe to contact the recipient?

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    1. Never share your Secret Recovery Phrase with any site or person. Do not enter your Secret Recover Phrase into a pop-up window.
      Verify links are legitimate. Scammers often use these tactics.

    2. Beware of fake websites. The official website for Uniswap is

    3. Beware of fake Twitter/X accounts. The official Twitter is

    4. Our official Discord is

    5. Uniswap Support will never DM you. We only handle support through and
      Scammers use DMs to try and get access to your wallet.

    6. Do not click on suspicious links or files. This can lead to your device security being compromised.

    7. Do not “sync” or “validate” your wallet with any websites or forms. This is a scam. Never sync and share: QR Codes, Secret Recovery phrases, private keys, etc.

    8. Uniswap Labs has no plans for an airdrop, regardless of any information you may have seen elsewhere.

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  2. Sure.
    I’m the scammer. Just send me 50 dollars of eth so that I can cover the gas fees and I’ll return it to you.

  3. I’m confused. Did they access your account and send all your stuff? Or is there someway that if you buy a bad token that a scammer can access your account that way? I’m still learning but I don’t know how they sent that without your secret keys or login credentials. Also I’m worried now about mine lol

  4. It is not. Anyone promising to help you recover from a scam is a scammer. We literally call them recovery scammers.

  5. If you believe that you have been the victim of a scam, please report this using the links below.

    Only the scammer would be in control of the funds. Reporting them is the best option, in hopes that they get caught and the funds seized.

    If you have connected your wallet to a fraudulent website, crypto has been stolen from your wallet, or signed any data with your wallet, you should consider your wallet to be compromised until you have a [crypto security expert]( review your wallet.
    – Do not send any more crypto to this wallet.
    – Send any remaining crypto to a newly created wallet.
    I strongly suggest reporting the fraud below. This is your best chance to recover the funds. The following links may help you report these scammers to the correct organizations:
    – [](
    – [Report fraud to the FTC](
    – [File a complaint to IC3](
    – [Report fraud to your local cyber crime authorities](
    – [International Users: report an international scam to ICPEN](
    Uniswap Labs is unable to reverse unauthorized transactions that have occurred. Please see our [Terms of Service]( for more information.

  6. You want to contact the recipient the person who scammed you? To do what? Say I would like my money back that you now have and I can’t do anything about. Do you think they are going to say “Well we could just keep this but since you asked nicely here is all your funds back. Have a good day”?

    Understand that you being naive likely means you are getting spammed with scammers claiming they can get your coins back. They can’t. Giving them access or funds will simply losing more.

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