It appears SBF rugged BALD on Base chain for $20m+

I’ll be editing additional updates as I come across them but all evidence points towards SBF being the Bald developer


Deployer address:

It appears the wallet was repeatedly funded by FTX and Alameda Research for the last 2-3 years. Not super surprising that SBF is on house arrest, being investigated and still finding a way to rugpull people. The account was the first address to vote on Sushi proposals (the original Sushi dev that rugged it after launch and later rebought the tokens was also Sam) as well as dydx proposals.

EDIT 1: Additional breakdown:

EDIT 2: Same sentence structure/vocabulary:

EDIT 3: An address that frequently deposits into the Bald deployers Binance wallet, looks like it was one of the wallets that helped trigger the depeg of UST (massive implications here, holy cow):

THE ADDRESS IS 0x000f7f22bfC28D940d4B68e13213aB17cf107790

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  1. Yep saw somewhere else they were one of the first people to vote in old sushi props, also some of the big accounts shilling from the 100k mark have all been old affiliations with stuff like sol. Something brewing in the back

  2. Just when I’ve stopped hearing about SBF so many times a day, get ready for more and more of him now 🤣 seriously should have just put him in jail so long ago.. imagine how much less damage

  3. Are you fucking kidding me?! He’s still going around rugging people after the clusterfuck of FTX? I’m praying the court puts him in jail for that witness tampering attempt and cut him off the internet.

  4. Lmao this seems laughably dumb if he’s rugging people while awaiting trial

    Just more crimes to tack on I guess

  5. I hope he sends it to a mixer or to a privacy token. That way the government can’t confiscate it. That IS the benefit of crypto, right?

  6. If true, then how could SBF not expect to get caught since he hasn’t even tried to obfuscate the addresses involved ?!?!

  7. After all that shit going on, the last thing i expected was SBF fraud 2: the electric bugaloo.

  8. This would be so good if true. The movie about this guy is gonna make bank. Unless they fund it with crypto, and then rugpull it. More movie material!

  9. I was struggling to understand how this was a rug pull, rather than just an investment which they then sold off.

    This article explains it:

    As a reminder, a “rug pull” refers to something specific. The term is often mis-used on this sub:
    >fraudulent developers lure investors into what appears to be a lucrative new project, then disappear with the funds, leaving the investors with a worthless asset

    So only if Alameda was in with the developers does this make it a rug pull.

  10. Alameda/FTX weren’t made of only one employee, we don’t know if it’s SBF.

    And as much a I dislike him, I doubt that it’s him. His hubris might be massive but I don’t see him doing something so obvious when he’s almost lost his bail a couple of times already

  11. If anyone wants to know how the connection was made:


    That address deployed the $BALD token on Base. The same address made 102 deposits worth a total of $242 million to this Binance customer address:


    The Binance customer address received a total of $141 million in 150 separate transactions from another address. See here:


    Now this [0x000…7790] address has a very strong connection with Alameda Research, having made 30 separate deposits to them worth a total of $66 million:

    The [0x000…7790] address also received $20 million in 6 separate transactions directly from Alameda Research:

    So we can infer that these entities belong to the same individual(s) due to repeated use of the same customer deposit addresses, similar transaction volume and trading histories.

    tl;dr: DOJ should investigate and jail everyone for this lol

  12. My goodness this guy has no shame and should end up in prison for the rest of his life.

  13. Wait what? How legit is this? Did SBF actually rugpulled this sh*t I never heard about?

  14. This guy is unbelievable if true. However, with house arrest and no internet – this is more than likely just another goon at FTX with the means to do this.

  15. Sound like OP is actually onto something. If it’s not him, it’s probably one of his cronies. Either way, lock him the fuck up.

  16. Methinks odds are extremely high that this was potentially coordinated in some way with some part of the federal govt.

  17. Wait a second, is SBF the founder of sushi?/ One of?

    Like what haven’t that fucker touched?

  18. Sam worked in degeneracy the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium, a master.

  19. He was also the one who collaborated and crashed luna because he could
    He had the information and the resources to exploit a flaw in do kwon’s code. They hated each other and sbf went after him.
    Spf did what he set out todo and exploited Lunas algorithmic flaw. —down went luna. Why would a guilty/fraud man put another 3 billion us dollars into luna to stop the crash? That’s what do kwon did to try and stabilize luna/ust. The damage was already too far done. He couldn’t bring it back
    .–why would a guilty man put 3 more “BILLION” US dollars back into a project he originally was gonna rug? Why not run with it? Cause do kwon didn’t crash his own project. He got fucked by SBF like everyone else.
    If you don’t believe me, then ask yourself why has binance supported lunc for over a “YEAR” now? They burn their lunc profits every month. What do they have to gain by keeping 2 trillion of the supply and even having their dev team working with the lunc Quant team to re’peg lunc back to ustc?

    Why do you think, as soon as luna went down, binance (CZ) exposed the papers of FTX, you don’t fuck with one of our own. It went down in minutes. CZ knows crypto. And he wouldn’t be with lunc if he didn’t have a plan to re-peg

  20. They Wallstreet journal should be coming here for scoops. That MFer needs his internet privileges revoked.

  21. Even while facing such heavy charges and possibly a criminal trial, he still can’t stop scamming..

  22. Forgive my ignorance, but for a guy who should be as “smart” as SBF is/was, why wouldn’t you try to use some kind of mixer to hide the transactions? Or is that a thing of the past? Would it even work for this situation?

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