Is this token junk or innovative?

Ok, so I just saw this token on Coinmarket cap called Nutcoin. It's got a real listing. It has verified source code on the etherscan page. It has what looks like a real webpage at nutcoin dot org.

The tokensniffer page shows a score of 70/100 and the only red mark is that the liquidity tokens aren't time locked. What's interesting is that the liquidity tokens are permanently stored in the token contract.

It looks too good to be true.

2 thoughts on “Is this token junk or innovative?”

  1. Ok, so I found another similar nutcoin contract, created one day before the above one, same number of units (21T). It is shown to definitely be a honeypot.

    It’s definitely fishy. I’m really hoping for definitive proof that this token is or isn’t a scam. I mean, that it’s a completely useless scam instead of an interesting and useful scam like most crypto.

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