Is this this start of the bull run?

Looking at the history of bitcoin there should be a downward trend coming up before the halving however at this rate it looks as if we are ahead of schedule potentially due to bitcoins ETF news progressing us straight into a bull run. What are your predictions?

9 thoughts on “Is this this start of the bull run?”

  1. Is your coin measured in USD or USDT? And why do your care about its evaluation in crooled Dollars? Wouldn’t it be much more important how much bread you could buy directly with it?

  2. The market looks stronger than any time in the past decade imo- way less speculative retail investors than that 2020-22 period and you have strong inflows institutionally. I don’t really care about short/mid-term price movements/trends, but in bigger picture terms I think there’s a lot to be positive about in terms of BTC really showing it’s worth as a store of value (cue Bcash/’but Satoshi said’ ranting) against current inflationary pressures.

  3. USDT printer also bull run….

    100B soon…

    500M/every week

    Let’s see gray rhino

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