Is this legit?

For context, I've never even heard of this site(?) so I'm confused as to if this email is a scam, or if someone has been using my email to sign up for such things. Hoping it's a scam email, but couldn't find anything online.

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  1. I just got this too, and was hoping someone would have made a post on it. Thanks OP

  2. Yeah it’s a scam, if you click into the email username, I got one from mikaeretba @

    Literally says on the PDF:

    Your METAMASK is disable

    “We disabled your account because we found illegal transactions according to regulations made by your country. We found attempted transactions at restricted contract addresses.

    REMEMBER. Your local government does not allow transactions for the sale and purchase of human organs, high explosive weapons and devices, and
    biological weapons.

    sorry, we have to respect your government regulations.

    See Case Detail

    If you feel this is a mistake, and want to appeal. you can visit here”

    Don’t click the link, I’m guessing it’s a phishing scam or some sort.

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