Is this legit?

Hey guys, my Trezor came in with this seal. However, the one on the authentication page looks like it’s solid black around the lettering no holographic like I have on mine. My question is is this device legit or is this a normal discrepancy?

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  2. The two I received – Model T and Safe 3 – had tamper evident holographic tape on them over the USB port. I don’t recall them being solid black. When I removed the tape, some of the holographic colors and so forth remained on the device – a little gentle scraping with my fingernail got ride of most of it, but figured, meh, what’s the harm?

  3. You know, if you’re about to put your life savings into crypto, or you expect your crypto to be worth $millions in 10-20 years time, why take the chance? I wouldn’t risk it. I would just return it and get a new one.

  4. If it was all black before you peeled it the lettering started to become visible after u peeled it means its legit

  5. My latest came with the “start tab” (for lack of a better term) already silvered over just like this. The curves were perfect curves as in this picture and as I peeled it off the port, the tamper tag started peeling back in small parts. The beginning of my tag was fully silver.

    EDIT. Didn’t realize that tag in the second photo was what is still attached to the Trezor. The straight up angle is deceiving. I’d not risk it.

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